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Surrey County Council Electric Vehicle Chargepoints Feedback

Surrey County Council is asking residents to suggest locations they would like to see electric vehicle charge points installed in Surrey, ready for the next phase of their installations planned.  

Suggestions can be made via the Surrey EV chargepoint interactive map.

Suggestions will be used to inform the selection of locations for the wider roll-out across the county, ensuring there is a comprehensive network of chargepoints. 

To be suitable for an EV chargepoint, locations should be:

  • where an electric vehicle can park legally and safely, with sufficient pavement space for wheelchairs and pushchairs to pass comfortably
  • with nearby access to a power supply – we realise this is difficult to know, but with no access to a power supply an otherwise preferred location might not be possible due to power supply issues
  • Chargepoints would normally be standalone equipment, however lighting columns located at the pavement edge nearest to the road might also be possibleCharging Electric Car

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Introducing the Enforcement Team

Our expanded Enforcement Team have been busy patrolling the borough, meeting the community and working with colleagues across Epsom & Ewell Borough Council (EEBC) to improve the environment for all.There are many aspects to their work and they deal with a wide range of issues as they get around, including:


As a key part of our ongoing #enginesoff Anti-Idling campaign, they have been working with schools, parents and carers at different sites in the borough. They work educating drivers about the environmental effects and human impact of idling car engines and asking them to switch their engines off where necessary.

Train Stations

Officers have been visiting train stations with the same messages around anti-idling; educating waiting drivers of the benefits to everyone's health of cutting emissions

Town Centres and Parks

Town Centres are being regularly patrolled by the team, working with other key EEBC departments such as Environmental Health, Licensing and the Community Safety team.

Activities are very varied and the team never quite know what they will be facing next - tackling graffiti in problem areas, checking that taxis are displaying their licence badges, engaging with those begging on high streets, checking for any potential trade waste issues and littering problems, moving delivery bikes off the pavements and dealing with abandoned vehicles. In our parks and open spaces the team have been meeting residents and explaining their roles within the community.  Recently they supported the Country Parks Manager in tackling issues regarding evidence of fires at night and littering, near where the cattle graze on Epsom Common.

Late night patrols have taken place together with the police and the team will continue to work with partners and the community improving the environment for everyone in the Borough. Do say hello to them if you see them out and about.

The Enforcement Team can be contacted via email - if there is something you want to bring to their attention.  This is not an emergency email and it is not monitored 24/7  In case of an emergency, call 999


  Enforcment Team Epsom 7 Ewell      Enforcement Officers out and about 

Old London Road Evening Access

During the pandemic, Old London Road leading to the top car park on Epsom Downs was permanently closed.

There has been a delay in the reinstatement of the pre-pandemic closure times whilst the exact terms of the prohibition of traffic order have been determined. This is now complete.

Please be advised that in accordance with that order (ref AGT 59946), the overnight closure will be reinstated with immediate effect as follows: 

9pm to 6:15am during the summer months 1 April – 30 September  (BST)

5pm to 6:15am during the winter months 1 October – 31 March (GMT)

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