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It’s the most wonderful time of the year (!), and at last we can talk about Christmas. We’ve included the festive events coming up that we’ve been made aware of in the ‘what’s on’ section.

‘Christmas is for children, at least that's what they say, it's time of wide-eyed wonder, a magic holiday’ or so the poem would have it. However, there’s a darker side as well. In the news section we look at two disturbing issues that are currently being highlighted by Surrey Police and by Surrey Safeguarding; child neglect and child exploitation.

As the ‘new normal’ becomes, well, normal, we look at the latest Covid advice. There’s also a roundup of the winter health guidance and, as it’s the season of (over) indulgence, there’s a item on the DrinkCoach Alcohol Test on the Healthy Surrey website.

Have a great festive season and eBorough Insight will be back in the New Year (we’ve almost made it through 2021, something else to celebrate)!

Stay safe.

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