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Epsom and Walton Downs

Keeping Epsom and Walton Downs safe and enjoyable for allImage:Autumn fog on Epsom Downs

The Jockey Club, the landowners of Epsom and Walton Downs, have reiterated how the public can enjoy the much loved green open space.

They state “as the landowner it is important that we ensure those who use the Downs to work, the racehorse training community, are able to do so safely.  Racehorses and those who train them have priority at certain times of the day, but we must also balance this with the enjoyment that the general public get from the Downs

We are asking the general public not to use the Downs during racehorse training hours unless they absolutely have to”.

The unprecedented increase in people working from home and needing green and open space during the pandemic meant that the Downs saw a huge increase in people using them.

This has presented significant challenges for the racehorse training community, who have priority during the following racehorse training hours:

  • 6am – 12 noon Monday to Saturday
  • 8am – 9:30am Sunday

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