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Facing financial difficulties with debt piling up?

New support is available to get your finances back on track.A financial lifeline. Breathing space to pay your debts

The pandemic has had an effect on everyone with many people falling behind on essential bills and getting into debt, but the good news is there is a new scheme which can help, by giving you the time and debt advice you need.

What support is available?

The new government scheme ‘Breathing Space’ gives you temporary protection from most types of debt collection, while you work with a debt adviser to take action to get on top of your finances. You can be protected from creditors for 60 days, with most interest and penalty charges frozen and enforcement action halted. Certain types of payments including ongoing housing costs, utility bills and taxes will still need to be paid during this time

Many people in a mental health crisis also struggle with their finances, so anyone who is getting mental health crisis treatment can get additional support. They can get a temporary relief for the duration of their crisis treatment plus an additional 30 days. Mental health professionals and health and social workers will be able to advise and refer anyone who is eligible.

How can I get support?

You can apply through a debt adviser for 60 days’ Breathing Space. You must continue to engage with your debt adviser and not take out any new borrowing over £500 in this time.

To find out more visit the Surrey County Council website: 

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