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Election 6 May - PCC

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Every four years, eligible adults in Surrey can vote for who they want to be the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

The next election takes place at the same time as the Surrey County Council elections on Thursday 6 May.

Why should I vote?

The Police and Crime Commissioner plays an important role in holding Surrey Police to account for its actions. The Commissioner also works with the Chief Constable to set the overall direction for the force. 

The Commissioner also recommends how much Council Tax you pay by agreeing a budget with the Chief Constable and Force to meet their collective priorities. More than half of the Force’s income comes from your Council Tax bill with the remainder from Government.

Five key responsibilities of the Commissioner:

  1. To hold the police to account on behalf of the public, including holding the Chief Constable to account for force performance. This is done through regular internal discussions as well as public performance meetings. It also includes the power to appoint or remove the Chief Constable when necessary.

  2. To provide a link between the police and Surrey residents. This includes listening to feedback from the public on policing and crime reduction and pursuing improvements that can be made by or in partnership with Surrey Police.

  3. To set the strategic direction and aims for Surrey Police through the Police and Crime Plan, and to propose the amount of Council Tax that will go towards policing from Surrey residents. The successful PCC candidate will consult the public to inform the development of a new Police and Crime Plan.

  4. To be responsible for all funding relating to policing and reducing crime and to work with the Chief Constable to set the force budget in line with priorities and deliver value for money for residents.

  5. To promote community safety, reduce re-offending and support victims. The Commissioner uses the majority of their budget to support services that work in partnership to achieve these aims.

Wider responsibilities include delivering better value for money and advocacy regionally and nationally to improve the effectiveness of policing.

The Commissioner’s staff also works closely with councils and within wider safety and community partnerships.

You can read more about a Commissioner’s role on the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners’ website

On polling day, voting for the Commissioner will take place using the Supplementary Vote system. This is different to the council elections as eligible voters will be able to give both a first preference and second preference vote on the same ballot paper.

If a candidate receives more than 50 per cent of the first preference votes, then they are elected. If no candidate reaches the 50 per cent threshold, the two candidates with the highest number of votes remain. This eliminates the other candidates.

The second preference of the eliminated candidates are counted. Any made for the two remaining candidates are transferred. The candidate with the most votes at the end of this process is elected.

The list of those standing is -

  • Kevin Hurley, Zero Tolerance Policing ex Chief
  • Howard Kaye, Labour
  • Paul Kennedy, Liberal Democrat
  • David Munro, Independent
  • Lisa Townsend, Conservative

Formal information on who is standing in this election and other information can be found on our election webpage here

Please be aware that under impartiality protocols, we are unable to highlight candidates' manifestos or other pre election messages. 

Election 6 May - SCC

County Council logoOn Thursday 6 May 2021 residents in Surrey will go to the polls to have their say on who represents them at Surrey County Council.

The 81 councillors are elected every four years.

Five councillors will represent the area of Epsom and Ewell.

Those standing for election for the County wards are:

Epsom Town & Downs

  • Janice Baker (Green);
  • Sarah Louise Kenyon (Labour);
  • Kier Adam Kirby (Workers Party of Britain);
  • Steven John McCormick (Residents Associations of Epsom and Ewell);
  • Julie Anne Morris (Liberal Democrat);
  • Emma Charlotte Ware (Conservative)

Epsom West

  • Neil Andrew Dallen (Residents Associations of Epsom and Ewell);
  • Steve Gee (Liberal Democrat);
  • Bernie Muir (Conservative);
  • Mark Christian Todd (Labour and Co-operative Party)


  • Jamie Abrahams (Conservative);
  • Jason George Anderson (Labour);
  • John Richard Beckett (Residents Associations of Epsom and Ewell);
  • David Walter Gulland (Liberal Democrat);
  • Steve McDonald (Green)

Ewell Court, Auriol & Cuddington

  • Dan Brown (Liberal Democrat);
  • George Bushati (Conservative);
  • Sarah Jane Clayton (Green);
  • Eber Alan Kington (Residents Associations of Epsom and Ewell);
  • Amos Sibanda (Labour)

West Ewell

  • Alison Kelly (Liberal Democrat);
  • Tony Foster (Green);
  • Rob Geleit (Labour);
  • Jan Mason (Residents Associations of Epsom and Ewell);
  • Kieran Yashik Persand (Conservative)

Formal information on who is standing in this election and other information can be found on our election webpage here

Please be aware that under impartiality protocols, we are unable to highlight candidates' manifestos or other pre election messages. 

Election 6 May - Who does what?

With elections for the County Council next month, we thought it would be useful to clarify what the County Council is responsible for within the borough.

Surrey County Council services

  • Adult social care

  • Children social care and youth services

  • Civic Amenity Site (the ‘Tip’ in Blenheim Road)

  • Coroner

  • Education – schools and adult education

  • Emergency and contingency planning

  • Flooding (the County Council is the designated Lead Local Flood Authority)

  • Highways (roads and pavements) including street lights, drainage /gullies maintenance and clearance and fly tipping on the highway

  • Library services

  • On-street parking

  • Registration and nationality service

  • Strategic land use planning

  • Surrey Fire & Rescue

  • Trading Standards

  • Transport (including Blue Badges and bus passes)

  • Voluntary organisations support

To contact Surrey County Council, call 03456 009 009 or visit their

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council Services

  • Allotments

  • Abandoned vehicles

  • Ashley Road Cemetery

  • Benefits/Support to assist with rental and council tax charges, fraud investigation

  • Business rate collection (on behalf of central government, Surrey County Council and Epsom & Ewell Borough Council)

  • Council Tax collection on behalf of Surrey County Council, Surrey Police and Epsom & Ewell Borough Council

  • Emergency & Contingency Planning

  • Environmental Health (including food premises inspections, noise complaints, accident investigation)

  • Epsom Downs conservators (in partnership)

  • Electoral registration and election management

  • Fly tipping on public land

  • Highway verge grass cutting (on behalf of Surrey County Council)

  • Housing Needs Register, affordable housing, homelessness and emergency housing plus housing advice service

  • Home improvement agency

  • Licensing (taxi, street collection, pubs and clubs, tatooists, zoos, animal boarding)

  • Local land charge searches and property information

  • Meals at home & shopping service

  • Markets and street trading management

  • Open spaces, parks and local nature reserves management and maintenance

  • Parking enforcement (on behalf of Surrey County Council) and car parks

  • Planning applications & building control

  • Playgrounds and BMX/skate facilities

  • Refuse collection and recycling

  • Sport facilities (football, cricket, bowling, tennis facilities and outdoor gym equipment)  
  • Strategic planning policy for Borough

  • Street care and environmental improvements

  • Street cleansing, litter collection, road sweeping and graffiti removal

  • Telecare and community alarm (in partnership)

  • Tree inspections and preservation orders

  • Venues  (Epsom Playhouse, Bourne Hall and Ewell Court House plus (in partnership) the Rainbow Leisure Centre

  • Voluntary organisations support

  • Wellbeing centre

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