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This second lockdown will significantly impact our local businesses and is understandably upsetting for many families and individuals. In the last issue of eBorough Insight, we highlighted that COVID-19 infection rates were steeply rising within the borough. Regrettably, this is still the case.

If we are to reduce infection rates and slow the rate of the virus, we mustn't be complacent and we must all observe the lockdown rules.

The government has stated that the tier system will be re-introduced when this present lockdown ends.  If infection rates continue to rise here, there is a possibility that the borough will enter the tiers at a higher level than when we went into lockdown, which would risk ongoing restrictions on our way of life for an even longer period.

In this special issue, we highlight the new rules and where you can get more information, how your council is addressing this new situation, the impact on the services we provide and some of the other information you may need over the coming weeks.

Stay safe and remember; hands - face - space.

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