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Sorry, we know you are fed up with it as a subject but it's not going away; this month, we again highlight the latest on COVID-19. We look at the recent government announcements and some of the detail you may have missed - see the Key Facts section. In the Spotlight section we feature the new NHS COVID-19 app; what it is and why you should download it.

We have delayed the publication of this issue of eBorough Insight to ensure we have included the most up-to-date COVID-19 information from both government and local sources. 

While COVID-19 may be on everyone's minds from a health perspective, we must not forget that flu season is just around the corner and this year, more than ever, it's important that those for whom it is recommended, have the annual jab.

One of the consequences of lockdown was an unprecedented increase in the reports of domestic abuse. In the Community section we look at a new social media initiative, #YouAreNotPowerless, which highlights what actions -  those who suffer from, those who are aware of and those that perpetrate of domestic abuse can take.

October is Black History Month and we dip into the archives to see how Epsom greeted the end of the slave trade.

Also this issue features some of the latest news from us and from around the borough.

Keep safe.

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