Borough Insight

In this issue...

We are living through some extraordinary times and while many seem to think the crisis is over, it's not.

We still have to follow government advice; maintaining social distancing and keeping travel and contact to a minimum.

The pandemic and lockdown have affected us all differently and some have used the period constructively and artistically. We have dedicated the 'Our Community' section of this newsletter to poems some of the clients of our Community and Wellbeing Centre have shared with us that are based on their lockdown experience.

While some have tried to address the situation in a positive way, unfortunately a minority haven't.  Our rangers and downskeepers, already under pressure, are having to be diverted from other priorities to tackle the serious litter problems in the parks and green spaces.

There's lots of news in this issue as we gradually move to the next phase of this shared experience. While some of this reflects the Covid-19 response and how the borough is moving forward, there's also starting to be more news about things outside of coronavirus. This includes the running of the stay-at-home Derby and the return of the popular monthly vegan market.

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