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Poetry please

We've dedicated the community section this month to poems penned by clients of our Community and Wellbeing Centre.

They have inspired by the extraordinary period we are going through. Some of their work is poignant and some funny.

The poems are on the following pages.

Think you can do better? Have you been stimulated to produce your own ode?

Send it through to us at and well publish what we can.

All the poetry will be collected by Bourne Hall Museum who are collating a special archive to record the borough's response to the pandemic.

My reflections on coronavirus

At the start of this virusRainbow
How could anyone know
The devastation it could cause
If it continued to grow

The lives now affected
In one way or another
Those helping through illness
Some with job loss or other

The frail and the vulnerable
Those living alone
Lives put in danger
As this virus has grown

Some scared and some helpless
And unable to cope
Some strong and some capable
And living with hope

As our world changes
All wished for now
Is our world be a better place
For each of us somehow

We can all get through this
If we all pull together
Our nation much stronger
And this virus win – NEVER!

The ballad of a bad hair day

Roses are red
Violets are bluehair cut
Dear Sutton Men
Here’s a message for you

My wife was complaining
That my hair’s a disgrace
But the barbers are shut
All over the place

She said please take a look
At one of our mirrors
And if you don’t smarten yourself up
I’ll be using my scissors

But what can I do?
To correct this domestic disaster
She said hair clippers are the thing
That you should be after

So I searched far and wide
Not much left on the net
But finally, I found
A set I could get

They said they’d transform me
Into a person of style
As illustrated by a picture
Of a groomed man with a smile
They duly arrived
And to my great confusion
When I opened the box
It had combs in profusion

From a number nine comb
Down to a number one
I looked at them all
And thought, what have I done

Which one should I use
That would make me look great
Best take no chances
Let’s start with an eight

So, I called to the wife
Can’t see the back of my head
And as I can’t see it
Will you use the clippers instead?

She wielded the cutters
Like a gay cavalier
But nothing much happened
Apart from a nick to one ear

I said bold steps are needed
Let’s change to comb one
Thats what is required
And will get the job done

Off she started again
Above my neck at the back
And managed to gouge out
A ruddy great track

Without pausing for breath
And without breaking her stride
She carved out a great chunk
Above my ear on the side

And before I could get her
To put the things down
She ran them across
The top of my crown

And like a demon possessed
And without any care
The clippers chiselled out
A great mass of my hair

Stop it I cried
Please stop it because
I now look like the Straw Man
From the Wizard of Oz

I snapped at the wife
Why don’t you do what you’re told
That was a mistake
As I’m now fully bald

And so, Sutton men
From experience I warn
If your wife cuts your hair
Prepare to be shorn.

And what have we learned
From this and from that
Lads let your hair grow
And just wear a hat!

Life in lockdown

I remember, I remember
The Club where I would Bowl.shelves
Where I would spend such happy hours
'Till the Virus took control.

In China did the trouble start,
Who'd heard of far WUHAN.
We said "This will not trouble us.
This will not spoil our Fun".

The Virus, now it had a name.
At first it was Corona.
Fond memories it brought to mind,
Of Lemonade and Cream Soda.

But later on they made a change,
To something much more sinister.
"Corvid 19 we'll call it now"
Said Matt Hancock the Health Minister.

I remember, I remember,
The day when Lockdown came,
When we were told to stay at home,
No more to play our game.

We weren't allowed to leave the house
Except for food and medication,
And just an hour for exercise.
They had quarantined the Nation.

We weren't allowed to hug or kiss,
Or even shake a hand.
"The NHS it must be saved ".
Was heard throughout the land.Lockdown

We couldn't meet our families,
Or loved ones far or near.
Two yards apart we had to stay.
So, we were filled with fear.

And some of us, the more mature,
Were told to isolate.
We tried to buy our food on line,
But found we were too late.

For all the slots were taken up.
What were we meant to do?
So off I went, at break of dawn
To join the shopping queue.

I hurried round the Supermarket,
And tried to keep my distance.
I searched for beans and toilet rolls
And coffee that was instant.

And when at last I'd made it round,
The checkout was in sight.
O dear! I have forgot the Bread!
O well! Its cake tonight!!

So now at home, some on our own,
Or some with just a partner.
With days and weeks of time to fill.
If only it would go faster.

We cleaned the house from top to toe,
We tidied up the shed.
The garage was so spick and span.
It's surely time for bed?

And some of us, the lucky ones,
Had a garden to adjourn to.
To mow and weed or sow some seed,
Or simply just to stroll through.

We stopped and watched the Spring unfold.
The weather it was kind.
The birds and bees, they still were free,
They helped to ease our minds.

But after all the chores were done,
We still had time to kill.
At hobbies new we had a go,
Some tried another skill.

If music was your cup of tea,
You might strum your Ukulele,
Or even try to master drums,
Or rock just like Bill Haley!

For those who wanted to keep fit,
On line, were many classes.
Aerobics, Dance and Yoga too.
How slowly the time passes!

The crafters who could knit and sew,
They searched for other tasks.
They turned out really useful things,
Like blankets, quilts and masks.

Some turned to art to pass the time,
Whilst locked down in their homes,
With paint and brush and pencil too,
And pictures made with stones!

We also had more time to read,
New authors to discover,
Or find a book we'd loved before
To read cover to cover.

And some of us we tried to write
A poem or a novel.
It's verse that I have opted for,
It keeps me out of trouble.

And whilst I cannot claim to be
A Wordsworth, Keats or Yeats,
I hope my humble offering
Someone appreciates!

I fear I have gone on too long,
For me this is addictive.
For now, I will just say, So long,
Keep well and safe and active.

Dilys’ Poem

I still have fond remembranceseniors having fun
The first day that we met,
So few of us in number
But our future goals were set.

Now seven great years later
We’ve had to miss our scones
With all of us in lockdown
We’ve had to sing along

So keep your chins up everyone
One day we will be back
Sharing our songs and friendship
You can be sure of that.

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