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Know they’re safe with Community Alarm

In spite of recent changes to the lockdown restrictions, the message remains: stay at home as much as possible.

Know they’re safeFor those who would normally check in on an elderly relative or loved one, the current situation means you may not be able to pop round as often as you’d like. So how do you keep an eye on someone else’s safety without leaving your home?

That’s where Community Alarm comes in.

Community Alarm is more than just a button – it’s a series of customisable devices that can quickly raise the alarm if ever there was an emergency. Our range of discrete and easy-to-use sensors, monitors and personal alarms are specially designed for safety, security and peace of mind.

What can Community Alarm do?

  • Call an ambulance after a serious fall
  • Issue a warning if the gas has been left on
  • Monitor levels of carbon monoxide
  • Tell you when someone enters or exits a property
  • Raise the alarm if there is a fire starting
  • Deter unwanted bogus callers
  • and much more

Community Alarm supports people of all ages with a wide variety of needs to live safely and independently in their own home. If you care for a loved one or are responsible for someone else’s safety, why not try our service today?

For more information or to book a free six week trial, please visit or call 01372 732418.

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