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Wrong thing, wrong bin?

We need your help! If the wrong stuff’s in your green recycling bin it makes it tough to get the good stuff recycled. Our load's may be rejected and cost you more. Recycling plant

In the last week we’ve found amazing wrong things in green recycling bins, like an intravenous drip, a car brake disc, disposable nappies, full-size suitcase and event a microwave oven! And we’re seeing lots of food and clothing being thrown into green bins too.

Your green bin’s only for certain things.

If too much of the wrong stuff goes into your green bin it risks a whole load being rejected, because the recycling companies simply don’t want the cost of sorting them out. And that includes plastic bags – put your recycling in loose, not bagged, because the recycling companies may reject plastic bags even if there’s good stuff in them.

We don’t want to lose valuable recycling. Recycling helps the environment.

Please Use our guide to put the right thing in the right bin.


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