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The end of 2019 and the start of New Year was marked by extreme weather in many parts of the world, including record heat, wildfires, rainfall, extreme cold and heavy snowfall. High impact weather events have been occurring more frequently than natural variability would suggest and there is now a global consensus (with one or two exceptions) that global warming, caused by human actions, is the cause. We all have a responsibility to do what we can for the planet and future generations and this month we launched an ambitious action plan for this council to become carbon neutral, to significantly reduce our negative impact on the planet and to increase environmental affirmative initiatives – see the spotlight section for more details.

If you like having your opinion heard, 2020 is going to be the year for you! In this issue we highlight your opportunity to contribute to the debate on the future of Epsom Hospital and to raise your concerns about local police issues. Later in the year there will be the opportunity to contribute to the borough’s local plan and the next Heathrow expansion consultation.

Last year we added to the series of walks we organise with various partners with the introduction of a programme of diabetes walks – these were specifically aimed for those who wanted to lose weight and reduce blood pressure and not just for those with diabetes. These proved really popular and we’re going to run them again this summer. Registration is now open and we’ve highlighted some of the other popular walks we run as well in the key facts section.

This issue also includes a packed programme of local events, a roundup of local news and a plethora of community activity.


The future of local emergency healthcare

As we have previously highlighted, the government has allocated hundreds of millions of pounds of funding for Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust to develop a new major acute hospital.Hospital

The Trust proposes three options for the location of a new 21st century hospital facility either at Epsom, at St Helier or in Sutton.

While the Trust has a preferred option of siting the new facility in Sutton, all three options would see the majority of services (85%) staying at Epsom and St Helier hospitals, with an investment of more than £80m in the two current buildings. Both hospitals would run 24/7, 365 days a year, with urgent treatment centres, inpatient and outpatient services.

The Trust has now launched a public consultation and welcomes your views – the consultation can be accessed here:

We urge all residents to take part in the consultation and recommend studying the material provided by the Trust on their website to inform their views.

The Epsom & Ewell Borough Council view

We welcome the investment in new state-of-the-art acute hospital care for residents and acknowledge that, wherever the location, this would be a major improvement for those in this borough.

However our view is that the best situation for our residents and for others working, studying and visiting this borough, is for the new facility to be based in Epsom.

We continue to lobby on behalf of the borough residents and continue to request clarity on how the changes will further benefit the boroughs residents and visitors.

In addition to the consultation events arranged by the Trust, we are holding our own separate public event to focus on the implications of the proposals for this borough. The outcome of this event will steer our formal response to the consultation. You are invited to attend the meeting - see the details below.


Policing Your Community roadshow


Surrey Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey are teaming up to hold the next series of public engagement events across Surrey.

The ‘Policing Your Community’ events are coming to every borough and district in the county between 8 January and 5 February 2020.

They will be an opportunity for residents to hear from Surrey Police’s Chief Officer Group on future plans and current challenges as well as to ask questions and engage with their local Borough Commander on issues affecting their communities.

There will also be a chance to talk to Police and Crime Commissioner David Munro about his planned proposal for the 2020-21 Council Tax and to take part in his public consultation.

It's free to attend – but residents are urged to register their attendance by clicking on the link to their local event below:

Monday, 27th January - Epsom & Ewell (Longmead Centre)

Arrival begins at 6:45pm with presentations followed by the opportunity to ask questions from 7pm

Chief Constable Gavin Stephens said: “In the spring of this year we ran these events across all Surrey Boroughs and I found it invaluable to hear from local residents and I am very much looking forward to starting the next series in the New Year. For us to deliver the best possible service we need to do this in partnership with our communities and I encourage you to register for your local event.”

PCC David Munro said: “As we enter a new year and set the new council tax precept for policing, this is a crucial time to be involved and have your say.

“Setting the policing element of the council tax is one of the most vital tasks a PCC has to make and it is really important to me that we involve the Surrey public in that decision.

“The precept increase received earlier this year has meant that we are soon to see an increase of 79 new officers and front line staff across the county. These events will be an opportunity to hear how the proposal for 2020 will continue to ensure we provide the best possible service to you, the tax payer.”

For more information on the ‘Policing Your Community’ events – visit:

Have Your Say on Police Funding In Surrey

Message sent on behalf of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, David Munro.

Council Tax 2020/21 - Have your say on next year’s police funding in Surrey

Would you be prepared to pay a little extra on your council tax bill to further improve the policing service in Surrey?

As Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, that is the important question I am asking residents as I launch my annual public consultation on the policing element of the council tax for 2020/21.

I am seeking your views on two options - a 5% rise for the next year which would allow further investment in more officers and staff or a 2% inflationary increase which would allow Surrey Police to maintain a steady course over the next financial year.

A 5% rise would equate to around a £13 a year rise for an average Band D property while 2% would mean an extra £5 on a Band D annual bill.

Please take a minute to fill in our brief survey and give me your views by clicking HERE 

By now we would have ordinarily received the annual government settlement which outlines how much central grant Surrey Police will get along with the maximum level of council tax I am allowed to raise as PCC.

But due to the unusual timing of the recent general election that settlement, which is usually announced before Christmas, has been delayed until some point in late January. With a proposed budget needing to be finalised in early February, this has unfortunately restricted our ability to financially plan together with Surrey Police.

However, this year, I believe we have a good story to tell following a long period of cuts to police services across the country. As we enter a new decade, the future is bright for policing in Surrey with more officers being put back into our communities which I know the county’s residents want to see. 

Of those who took part in our consultation last year, around three quarters supported my proposal for an extra 10% on the policing part of their council tax bill in exchange for 79 additional officers and operational staff as well as preventing the loss of 25 other posts. I am pleased to say those extra recruits will all be in post or doing their training by May 2020.
I have met many of them over the last year and have been struck by their enthusiasm and appetite to get on with the job. They are very welcome additions to the Surrey police team who I have no doubt will do the county proud.

Added to this, it was announced last October that Surrey will receive central funding for an extra 78 police officers over the next year as part of the government’s three year programme to increase police officer numbers nationally by 20,000.

To complement that uplift, a 5% increase in police council tax would allow Surrey Police to invest in:

  • A further uplift in local police officers providing a visible presence in our communities
  • Extra Neighbourhood Support Police Officers and Youth Community Support Officers (PCSO’s) to prevent and help tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and provide local community engagement
  • Police staff who can carry out investigations and help keep officers out visible to the public
  • Police staff who can analyse complex data to match police resources to demand and who can carry out forensic analysis of computers and phones 

A 2% increase in line with inflation will allow the force to continue the police officer training, keep recruiting officers to replace those retiring or leaving and bring in the extra 78 centrally funded officers.

This consultation will close at midday on Thursday 6 February 2020. If you want to read more about my proposal and the reasons for it - CLICK HERE

Together with Surrey Police, I am also carrying out a series of public engagement events in every borough in the county in the next five weeks to hear people’s views in person. You can sign up to your nearest event by CLICKING HERE

Thank you

David Munro
Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey

Catalytic converter thefts

Catalytic converter theft is currently a national issue with thefts dramatically increasing.

Just before Christmas and into the New Year, Epsom and Ewell saw a spate of incidents across the borough. Surrey Police say the vehicles targeted were predominantly Lexus RX, Toyota Prius and the Honda Jazz and the majority of thefts happened during the daylight hours.

The catalytic converter is part of the car’s emissions control system. It cleans up the exhaust gases before they are expelled from the car through the exhaust pipe. Its internal elements react with the gases, breaking them down into less harmful substances and water vapour. All cars sold in Europe since 1993 have had to be fitted with catalytic converter by law.

Stolen units are usually shipped overseas where they are stripped for the precious metals contained within them, including palladium, rhodium and platinum.

Victims of catalytic converter theft are often faced with a hefty repair bill. Not only do they have to arrange a replacement part, but damage done to the car during the theft can result in a repair bill of running into £thousands.

Here are some tips to prevent catalytic converter theft issued by Surrey Police:Cat theft

  • Park in as well-lit areas where possible.
  • Park close to building entrances or the nearest road in public car parks. This leaves your vehicle in a location where many people can see it.
  • If you have a garage use it and keep it locked.
  • Consider CCTV if your vehicle is parked on your driveway or a RING-type device.
  • Adjust the security system on your car or have one installed that will activate upon vibration, such as those produced by a saw.
  • Install a catalytic converter-specific security device, such as ‘ARMACAT’ or ‘CATLOC’ -
  • Consider ID Etching - Etching a catalytic converter with a serial number will help police track a stolen converter and overtly advertising that a vehicle is protected by property marking may also deter offenders as it will potentially reduce the opportunities for selling on the converters at reputable scrap metal dealers. More information on ID etching can be found at
  • Consider welded bolts - If a catalytic converter is a ‘bolt on’ it is possible to have the bolts welded shut. This is only a deterrent to the lowest grade of catalytic converter thief working with a wrench but may still be enough of a deterrent to help prevent a theft.
  • Report suspicious activity to the Police. Obtain as much information as possible, including any vehicle registrations - do not put yourself at risk.

Anyone with information can call 101. In an emergency or if a crime is in progress always dial 999.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to leave your name, please call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

What the flood?

This week is national Flood Action Week and the Environment Agency is running a campaign urging everyone to know what to do to prepare for flooding.

Whether you live on a hill, in a flat or in an area that's never flooded before, flooding can still affect you, putting your home, your possessions and your family at risk. According to recent polling, only a third of people in areas at high risk of flooding believe that their home could be at risk. And with climate change already causing more frequent, intense flooding and sea level rise, we all need to know what to do, should the worst happen.

According to the Environment Agency, the average cost of flooding to a home is around £30,000.

Flooding also brings a significant risk to life.

The mental health impacts of flooding can last for two years or more after flooding has happened. Depression, anxiety and PTSD can affect up to a third of people who have been flooded. But, crucially, taking steps to prepare for flooding, and knowing what to do in a flood can significantly reduce the damages to a home and possessions (by around 40%), reduce risk to life and reduce the likelihood of suffering from mental health impacts in the future.

The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to prepare for flooding. Knowing what to do in a flood could help keep you and your family safe, and save you thousands of pounds in damages and disruption.


Revised Register of Electors

The electoral register is a list of everybody within the borough who is registered to vote.

It has been compiled from voter registration forms we delivered to all residential addresses in Epsom and Ewell last year.

On the 1 February a new Electoral Register will be published. This will be used for all elections and referendums called between 1 February 2020 and 30 November 2020.

It is still possible to register to vote throughout the year. You can register at

Using the information received by the public, we keep two registers, the electoral register and the open register (also known as the edited register).

The electoral register
The electoral register lists the names and addresses of everyone who is registered to vote in elections. The register is used for electoral purposes, such as making sure only eligible people can vote. It is also used for other limited purposes specified in law, such as:

  • detecting crime (eg fraud)
  • calling people for jury service
  • checking credit applications

The open register
The open register is an extract of the electoral register, but it's not used for elections. Under national law, it can be bought by any person, company or organisation. For example, it is used by businesses and charities to confirm name and address details. Your name and address will be included in the open register unless you ask for them to be removed. Removing your details from the open register does not affect your right to vote.

If you have any queries regarding the register please contact our Electoral Services team by email

The official bit
In accordance with Section 13(3) of the Representation of the People Act 1983, notice is hereby given of the Electoral Registration Officer’s intention to publish a revised Register of Electors.

The revised register will be published on 1 February 2020 following the conclusion of the Polling District and Polling Places Review in October 2019.

The register will be available for inspection at the Town Hall, The Parade, Epsom, Surrey KT18 5BY.


above: An election 'count' underway at Bourne Hall



Holocaust Memorial Day

HolThe national Holocaust Memorial Day takes place each year at the end of January. This year is especially poignant as it marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and the 25th anniversary of the Genocide in Bosnia.

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust chooses a different theme each year to enable audiences on Holocaust Memorial Day to learn something new about the Holocaust and genocide. This year the theme is ‘Stand Together’. It explores how genocidal regimes throughout history have deliberately fractured societies by marginalising certain groups, and how these tactics can be challenged by individuals standing together with their neighbours and speaking out against oppression.

We have highlighted Holocaust Memorial Day to local schools, faith groups and youth groups in the borough and have invited them to join us to learn more about the past and take action to create a safer future.

Barry Nash, chair of the Community & Wellbeing Committee, said “We are all aware of the increasing schisms in society and we need to stand together with others to stop division and promote respect and understanding between different communities. We can all do something to support others within our community - by using our voices, presence or influence”.

You can learn more about the Holocaust and the genocides which followed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur on the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust website

GLL Sport Foundation helps athletes go for gold in 2020

Ahead of a huge year of UK and World sport in 2020, Epsom & Ewell’s next generation of title-chasing athletes can apply for support in going for gold in the big events next year, thanks to the GLL Sport Foundation, the UK’GLLSFs largest independent athlete support programme.

The GLL Sport Foundation (GSF), launched in 2008, by charitable social enterprise, GLL – operator of public leisure facilities in Epsom & Ewell - helps aspiring sporting talent fulfil their potential. Supported athletes can benefit from financial support, physiotherapy, gym memberships at GLL’s Better sport and leisure facilities and more.

GSF supports athletes across its regional network in 73 areas of the UK. In 2019, GSF supported over 3,000 athletes across 117 sporting disciplines, taking its total investment to £11 million in 11 years.

Previously, this support has contributed to the success of athletes including Olympic and World Champion Anthony Joshua and double Paralympic medallist Lucy Shuker.

At the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, GSF-supported athletes won a total of 22 medals.

Sally Gunnell OBE, Patron of GLL Sport Foundation said: “It’s fantastic to see the continued support of athletes across the UK through the GLL Sport Foundation.

“GSF recognises the difficulty that many talented athletes face in getting the necessary support to take the next step into elite competition, with 96% of GSF athletes receiving no additional funding. With a massive year of sport coming up, this support will be even more important as many athletes begin to target major honours.”

Peter Bundey, Chair of GLL Sport Foundation added: “As a social enterprise, GLL continues to invest in these talented athletes within our communities through the GLL Sport Foundation. We are proud to once again partner with the Mary Peters Trust, SportsAid and SportsAid Wales to support the next generation of medal contenders and we are excited to receive this year’s applications.”

Applications can be submitted via the GLL Sport Foundation website until 20 February 2020.

Pictured: Perri Shakes Drayton

Epsom and Ewell Employment and Skills Fair 2020

EpsomEwellEmploymentFair2020A community event to help local people unlock their potential

Committed to helping local people reach their potential, five Epsom based organisations are working together to hold the annual Epsom & Ewell Employment & Skills Fair on Wednesday 20 May at the Rainbow Leisure Centre in Epsom. 

Being out of work or without appropriate training can have a serious impact on a person’s livelihood and self-confidence. So, Rosebery Housing Association, The Ethos Project, Epsom & Ewell Borough Council, The Best of Epsom and Ewell and What’s On In Epsom are offering people the chance to meet with over 50 employers and training providers, to explore local opportunities. The Employment & Skills Fair, which is free for the public to attend, will run from 11am to 3pm at the Rainbow Leisure Centre, East Street, Epsom KT17 1BN.

The event will offer:

  • Face-to-face meetings with local employers, businesses and training providers;
  • A broad range of job and training opportunities;
  • The chance to make new connections and boost confidence.

The Mayor of Epsom & Ewell will be in attendance to launch the event; (which has been organised) with support from GLL who are hosting this worthwhile community initiative at the Rainbow Leisure Centre.

More details at

If you would like more information before you come along to this event please contact Nanette Chandler from Ethos on 07904 908871. We also recommend that all visitors print out copies of their CVs or have them available digitally to hand out to prospective employers. 

For employers wishing to reserve a stand at the event please email

Action Surrey news updates

More Surrey Households Can Qualify for Funding!

The eligibility criteria for grant funding towards loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation and broken boilers has changed! Find out more here

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) Regulation is Changing

Are you a landlord of a privately rented property? If so, you need to make sure your property meets the MEES Regulation. Find out more about the MEES Regulation here

Grant Funding for the Private Rented Sector

Are you a landlord of a privately rented property? If so, you could be eligible for grant funding towards improving the energy efficiency of your rented property. Find out more here

To check you eligibility for support or to find out more visit the Action Surrey website: or call us on 0800 583 2503.

Make lifestyle changes with Healthy Surrey


Surrey residents are being encouraged to visit the Healthy Surrey website as the go-to place for self-care information and to find out about the range of local health and wellbeing services available in Surrey. The website is now easier to navigate with a new health finder which can help residents and professionals find the information and services they’re looking for. 

Healthy Surrey offers information you can trust from Public Health and the NHS, on a range of topics including, mental health and wellbeing, nutrition, sexual health, smoking, alcohol, seasonal health and domestic abuse.


Share your views about Prudential RideLondon-Surrey

SCC_PrudentialRideLondonShould the event continue in Surrey from 2021?

Residents across Surrey are being asked to feedback on whether the annual cycling festival Prudential RideLondon-Surrey should continue to pass through Surrey from 2021.

The online survey is open until 16 February:

Surrey County Council want to hear what you think about the annual Prudential RideLondon-Surrey cycling event continuing to pass through Surrey from 2021.

Prudential RideLondon is an annual two-day festival of cycling which takes place in London and Surrey. Routes pass through Surrey on the Sunday of the event. A professionals race called The Classic and three amateur cycling events the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100mile, 46mile and 19mile routes. These all take place on closed roads.

The amount raised for charity by riders in the first 6 years of the event is £66 million making it Europe’s most successful cycling fundraising event with more than £4.3 million in grants being awarded to 70 projects in Surrey.

Views are now being sought on the event to inform a Surrey County Council Cabinet decision on whether the event continues in Surrey from 2021 until 2025.

Alternatively you can call 03456 009 009 for a printed copy of the questionnaire or text 07860 053 465.

Spotlight on

Addressing climate change

The council has agreed an ambitious plan to address the negative impact on the environment from activities undertaken within the borough by the council and others in the local community.Climate
As part of the plan the council has adopted a 15 year target to become net carbon neutral.

Councillor Alex Coley, who chaired an all-party working group which formulated the council action plan told us “Climate Change is one of the most serious threats facing the planet and affects everyone. It doesn’t know rich or poor, young or old. It doesn’t know political parties or geographic boundaries. That is why this has been a cross party working group of Labour, Liberal Democrat, Conservative and Residents’ Association councillors. We have kept a very positive attitude and approach in our working group, putting politics aside and focusing on an issue which is more important to the future of our borough and the generations that will live, work and study here in years to come”.

Councillor Neil Dallen, Chair of the Environment and Safe Communities Committee, said “The Government has a target for the UK to achieve net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 – our target is for the council to be carbon neutral by 2035. We’re also going to do more to support local residents, businesses and other public sector organisations in the borough to improve their carbon footprint.

“This is not going to be easy. There will be practical, technical and financial constraints to overcome, but overcome them we must. We now have a much better understanding of the risks and impact of climate change and why decisive action is needed now”

Councillor Coley added “our action plan addresses a wide range of subjects from increasing the number of electric vehicle charging points to boosting biodiversity. The contribution of Extinction Rebellion has been important to the formulation of our action plan and I have been very glad to receive their feedback.

“We’re going to lead by example, by no-longer having single-use plastics within our venues and moving progressively to all-electric Council vehicles. We’re also going to work with others, such as the county council, to help improve public transport including promoting better walking and cycling routes.”

The Climate Action Plan is not a static document and the council is working on understanding and confirming the individual costs within the plan and extent of carbon reduction the actions will achieve. Going forward new technologies and new research will also lead to changes in what the council can do and achieve

The full action plan can be downloaded here

Recycling; can you do more?

Recycling rates for our Simply Weekly Recycling kerbside collection service, are amongst the highest in the country. Year-to-date we have our highest rate ever, at 56% and look set for another record year – which is great news for the environment.Recycle

However we also have to ensure we are running a sustainable service that is financially viable for you as the council tax payer.

There are some items that while recyclable, we cannot collect as part of the normal service as we simply cannot collect sufficient quantities to warrant their receipt by the third parties who actually recycle the articles.

We recently introduced recycling banks for small electrical items at three of our local recycling points. You can recycle small electrical items here, such as kettles, toasters, irons, radios, hairdryers, toasters, mobile phones etc. You can leave plugs and cords on.

  • Christ Church car park, Christ Church Road, Epsom
  • Stoneleigh Broadway (near the library)
  • Depot Road car park, Depot Road, Epsom.

A number of local shops and other organisations are accepting some specialist items, such as contact lenses, crisp packets, toothbrushes and pens, with money raised being donated to good causes – see details on the terracycle website.

Sites such as Freecycle or the Surrey Reuse Network could make it easy for you to find another home for your unwanted furniture.

What's On

Epsom Vegan Market is here to stay!

Surrey Vegan successfully trialled their market in Epsom a couple of times last year. Luckily for local vegans, foodies and discerning shoppers, it's continuing into 2020 — and it's getting bigger.Vegan

For the most part, it’s all about food. Conscientious consumers can wander through the stalls on the fourth Sunday of the month. You can expect to see local vegan brands, peddling everything from vegan cupcakes and handcrafted award-winning pies to exotic fruit teas and lassi.

When you're done eating and drinking, you can spend time perusing fashion and skincare, without having to worry one iota about flesh, dairy or cruelty.

Epsom Vegan Market – 4th Sunday of the month, 10.30am – 3.30pm, Market Place, Epsom.

Events across Epsom and Ewell

Here’s a round-up of some of the events across the borough that we know about (some of these are organised by other groups and the Council is not responsible for the activity).

To find out what is happening in Epsom and Ewell across the year, visit the What's on section on our website

January 2020CreativeChargeUCA

Sutton and Epsom NCT Sling library
Saturday 25 January; 10am - 11am
Roots Coffee Shop, Epsom Methodist Church, 11-13 Ashley Road, Epsom KT18 5AQ
Come along to talk all things babywearing with our volunteers and other parents, and try out a variety of slings suitable from newborn to toddler. For more info see:

Epsom Symphony Orchestra – Family Concert
Sunday 26 January; 3.30pm
Epsom Playhouse
Peter and the Wolf - a colourful concert of musical animals for all the family. Tickets available from The Epsom Playhouse Box Office 01372 742555/742227. Cost: £10 each (£5 children, £8 senior citizens and students); Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) £25. Full programme and details from

Creative CHARGE Careers Fair
Friday 31 January; 1pm - 4pm
Business School Reception - UCA Epsom
For more info email:;;

February 2020

Epsom & Ewell Gin & Run evening
Friday 7 February; 6.30pm - 11pm
Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell KT17 1UF
Purchased handpicked Gins and Rumbs by the glass from our expert distillers (bottles also available to buy - to take home); free glass for all ticketholders on arrival; free drink for all ticketholders; live entertainment; foods available to purchase; ales, local wines and soft drink available to purchase. To book tickets visit:

Epsom and Ewell Town Twinning Assocation Quiz NightEETownTwinning_Quiznight
Saturday 8 February; 7.30pm (entrance from Depot Road car park)
Unity Hall, Epsom United Reformed Church, Church Street, Epsom KT17 4PW
Bring your friends and make a team of six or eight players, or just come along and join in with outher guests. Everyone welcome! Cost £13.50 per head for a fish and chip supper. Chicken or vegetarian option available. Bring your own drinks. To book your place, please email:

Epsom Rotary Roaring 20’s Fund Raising Ball
Saturday 15 February; 7.30pm
Jockey Club Room, Queens Stand, Epsom Racecourse
Singer with three piece band and international award winning dancers with Ian Sharpe and Victoria Lawrence, 20’s gear, black tie and lounge suits

Friends of Nonsuch – Bob Sinfield
Tuesday 18 February; 2.30pm
The Museum Wing, Nonsuch Mansion, Nonsuch Park, SM3 8AP
Bob Sinfield will again scintillate us with his wit and wisdom, regaling us with stories about ‘The Gag Trade’. Members, free; non-members £6. For more info visit

Comedy @ The College
Friday 21 February; Bar opens at 7.30pm, Comedy starrts at 8.15pm
Epsom College, College Road, Epsom KT17 4JH
Book direct from only £20. Call 01372 732451 or online at Fundraising for Age Concern Epsom & Ewell.

March 2020

Ewell Horticultural Association - Pesticides - are they safe?
Tuesday 10 March; 8pm - 10pm
Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell KT17 1UF
A talk by Andrew Halstead, a retired RHS Entomologist, about pesticides. Free admission. For more info visit

Epsom Choral Society - Baroque Splendour
Saturday 14 March; 7.30pm
St Martin's Parish Church, Church Street, Epsom KT17 4PX
A concert celebrating the glory of the Baroque with Handel's exciting Dixit Dominus as well as Monteverdi and Pergolesi. Tickets £16, student or under 18 £8.

Walk 4 Wards Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity
Sunday 29 March
Celebrating 21 years of Epsom and St Helier. Join in! Walk from Epsom Hospital to St Helier Hospital and support a ward or department of your choice. Free to enter. Walk in a pair or a team with friends, colleagues or family. Dogs allowed (on leads). Join today at: For more information, contact the Fundraising Team by email: or call 01372 735261 or 01372 735262.


This month at the Epsom Playhouse

2020 is getting off to a fantastic start at your local community theatre with a diverse line up to suit all tastes and ages.

For full information and to make a booking online visit or call (01372) 742555 / 742227 or find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instragram @EpsomPlayhouse


The Counterfeit Stones
Saturday 25 January; 8pm
The Counterfeit Stones celebrate over a quarter of a century of master forgery with yet another glam-bake. The Great British Take Off is a new riff packed show that’s a skilfully mixed cocktail of classic hits, retro costume and humour continues to intoxicate young and old alike.

The Midnight Swingsters
Monday 27 January; 8pm
The Midnight Swingsters sing and swing their way through the classics of the Great American Songbook. Swingsters Jonathan Vinten - piano, Nils Solberg - guitar, Steve Thompson - bass are augmented this evening by the wonderful playing of Rod Brown on bongos.

Beyond the Barricade Mercury
Thursday 30 January; 7.30pm
Featuring past-principal performers from Les Misérables, Beyond the Barricade delivers a wonderful performance of the best loved songs from Broadway and the West End, ending, of course, with a stunning finale from Les Misérables.

Friday 31 January; 7.30pm
Mercury are well established as one of the world’s most authentic tributes to the legend that is Freddie Mercury and Queen. This dynamic theatre production fully emulates the true charismatic appeal of rock’s most flamboyant front man, faithfully and accurately recreating the distinctive Queen experience.

The Elvis Years
Saturday 1 February; 7.30pm
Join Mario Kombou (Jailhouse Rock, West End), an all-star band and award-winning singers for an unforgettable journey through over 50 golden greats that span over three decades – from the early Sun Records hits to the majestic Las Vegas performances, via The Jordanaires, the army years, authentic re-creations from the Hollywood movies and the stunning ‘68 TV special.

Songs and Harmonies
Sunday 2 February; 7.30pm
Songs and Harmonies is a jazz evening of songs from Jule Styne to Amy Winehouse, with some originals you probably won’t have heard, with stories of those who wrote them. Featuring the voice of Sharon White and female vocal trio 3s A Chord accompanied by the Ken MacIntyre Quartet.

Some Guys Have All the Luck
Thursday 6 February; 7.30pm
Celebrating the career of one of rocks greatest icons, Rod Stewart – from street busker through to international superstar! Paul Metcalfe delivers an authentic and charismatic performance assuming the persona of this legendary singer-songwriter and performer right down to the last detail - from the distinctive vocals to the swaggering showmanship and sheer fun that have made Rod Stewart one of the most loved performers of all time.

Genesis Connected
Thursday 7 February; 7.30pm
Genesis Connected is a tribute show celebrating the music of Genesis and the biggest selling acts connected: Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Mike & the Mechanics. This show has an incredible mix of material, from atmospheric anthems to chart toppers.

That’ll Be the DayLuther
Monday 10 February; 7.30pm
This very special edition of the show presents the most popularly requested songs, impressions and comic sketches from over 33 years of touring! Featuring smash hits from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s this is a throwback evening of brilliant entertainment!

Luther – The Celebration
Wednesday 12 February; 7.30pm
The World’s premier show in celebration of ‘The Velvet Voice’ experience all the hits from Luther Vandross amazing career, including many of the greatest dance anthems and love songs ever written, fronted by international Luther Vandross tribute Harry Cambridge and his ten piece band.

Strictly Nashville
Saturday 15 February; 7.30pm
Celebrating the very best in music from America's 'Music City', this show promises an exciting fusion of pure Country gold with 'New Country' blockbusters! An amazing cast of musicians deliver a set of pristine classics from the likes of Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Brad Paisley, Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers.

Tommy the Album
Wednesday 19 February; 7.30pm
This 50th anniversary production celebrates a ground-breaking moment in rock history; Tommy tells the fascinating and complex story of a "deaf, dumb and blind kid“ and his extraordinary experiences. The Goldhawks, perform Tommy as an eight-piece outfit backed with amazing projection, stunning special effects and a superb replication of The Who’s sound.

Magic of Michael Jackson
Thursday 20 February; 7.30pm
Take a journey back in time to remember Michael Jackson – the man, the music and the magic. A hit theatre production starring the UK's ultimate Michael Jackson tribute star, Ben Bowman. Not only does he look and sound like the King of Pop, but he's honed his routine so carefully that audiences truly believe they are watching Michael Jackson himself.

Dancing Queen
Friday 28 February; 7.30pm
Dancing Queen ‘The Concert’ is an action packed party show featuring the greatest hits from Abba, Grease and the 70’s. This is the ultimate nostalgia night that guarantees to get you dancing in the aisles!



Stephen K Amos
Wednesday 22 January; 8pm
Stephen K Amos is on a mission to bring about world peace. Or, to at least bring about an evening of peace, one venue at a time. In an age when arguments are started over everything from politics to bendy straws, Stephen is rising above the anger to remind us of what we have in common.

John Archer
Saturday 1 February; 8pm
A rare chance to see baffling magic with a dash of comedy thrown in by the man who many consider to be the best Comedy Magician in the UK today.

Jim Davidson
Tuesday 28 – Wednesday 29 January; 7.30pm
The masterful, outrageous and hysterically funny comedy legend embarks on his comedy campaign. Who will he upset this time? Which battles will he win, which will he lose? One thing’s for certain, Jim never retreats!

Tuesday 4 February; 8pm
Join award-winning musical comedy performer Hannah Brackenbury as she presents a joyful and poignant musical tribute to the late, great comedy genius Victoria Wood. This hilarious and uplifting hour-long show celebrates the life and musical work of a much-missed British comedy icon.Navy

Sam Avery
Tuesday 11 February; 7.30pm
Award-winning comedian and bestselling author Sam Avery (AKA the Learner Parent) presents an evening of hilarious stand up; how do you raise a toddler with more attitude than Kanye West? Can you negotiate effectively with a pre-schooler who knows you’re clueless? And will any of us survive Toddlergeddon?

Heroes of Hooch
Friday 14 February; 8pm
The Thinking Drinkers return with a brand new show, a hilarious and intoxicating look at history’s greatest drinkers. Enjoy five free drinks as the award-winning experts reveal how alcohol has inspired pioneering explorers, politicians and painters in equal measure, from Plato and Picasso, to Nelson, Napoleon and Norm from Cheers.

The Navy Lark
Tuesday 18 February; 7.30pm
The Navy Lark sees a cast of three bring to life three classic episodes from the much loved radio series which ran for 1959 - 1977 which originally featured Leslie Phillips, Ronnie Barker and Jon Pertwee. Presented in the style of a radio performance in front of a live audience, bringing to life the classic days of radio comedy.

The Comedy Club as Seen on TV Presents…
Thursday 27 February; 7.30pm
The Comedy Club is one of the most recognised and respected names in the comedy industry and over the years have worked across the UK and abroad with the best of the best. For one night they have hand-picked some of their favourite five-star laughter-makers in the UK and brought them together for you in one full show! Be prepared, get buckled up and get ready for one of the funniest nights of your life!


The Cinder Path
Thursday 13 February; 7.30pm
The Cinder Path is a sizzling and fast-moving drama, set against the backdrop of WW1. Our tale begins in the rolling hills of Northumberland where Charlie Macfell, becomes an innocent witness to the murder of his cruel and sadistic landowner father. Believing himself to be the only person aware that his childhood friend Arthur Benton is the killer, Charlie tries to set old injustices to right by protecting his friend from prosecution.


Animal Magic
Sunday 26 January; 3.30pmchina
A colourful concert from Epsom Symphony Orchestra of musical animals for all the family which will feature the ever-popular Peter and the Wolf. This family event also includes musical Lions, Bees, Hippos, Swans, Cuckoos Elephants and Wild Bears in an exciting and fun Carnival of Animals. Children of all ages welcome.

The Snow Queen
Sunday 2 February; 2.30pm
When Kai is abducted to an enchanted frozen palace, his best friend Gerda sets out to rescue him…but will she reach the Snow Queen before it’s too late? A magical new adaptation of the timeless Hans Christian Andersen story the story is brought to life by an ensemble of actor-musicians, illusion and puppetry.

Chinese Cultural Show
Friday 21 February; 7pm
Mark the fresh beginning and welcome the Year of the Rat at the Playhouse this Chinese New Year as Jinlong Culture & Performing Arts brings a spectacular line-up of Chinese acrobatics, music and dance to Epsom!

Unbelievable Science
Saturday 22 February; 2.30pm
Discover captivating chemistry, phenomenal physics and bonkers biology in this fun for all the family science extravaganza! Expect explosive thrills, chemical spills and a risk assessment that gives their stage manager chills, all backed up by wit, charm and detailed knowledge of the scientific method. Leave your lab coats at the door it’s time for Unbelievable Science!


David Harper – Unexpected Tales
Wednesday 26 February; 7.30pm
David Harper is a BBC TV presenter well known for his appearances on Bargain Hunt, The Antiques Road Trip, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Flog It and For What It’s Worth. These hugely popular BBC programmes are shown in over 50 countries worldwide. David has appeared on many other TV programmes too from The One Show to Celebrity MasterChef, Through the Keyhole to Countryfile, Celebrity Eggheads to The Heaven & Earth Show!



Superslam Wrestling
Sunday 16 February; 3pm
You’ve seen it on television, and now you can see it live when All Star Superslam Wrestling return to Epsom Playhouse with their extravaganza of high-flying action as part of their 50th Anniversary tour. Former WWE Superstar Gangrel will be just one of the wrestlers who will be appearing.

Epsom Charity Book Fair

Epsom Charity Book FairEpsomBookFairposter
Thursday 20 and Friday 21 February, 10am - 8pm; Saturday 22 February, 10am - 4pm
Epsom Methodist Church, Ashley Road, Epsom KT18 5AQ
Entrance 50p (children and students free)

Epsom’s hugely popular Annual Charity Book Fair is now 19 years old! The event has grown from relatively small beginnings in 2002 to become a massive annual event attracting visitors from throughout the South East and beyond.

Many thousands of quality books at bargain prices will be on offer. The vast range includes children’s books, antiquarian, out-of-print, fiction and non-fiction, plus CDs, DVDs and records. Delicious refreshments and light lunches are available throughout. 

Proceeds from this year’s Fair will benefit a number of charities, including Action for Children, Hope4Malawi, Rainbow Trust, Epsom Guides Division for their Little Acres Lodge Fund, 7th Epsom Scouts and the work of Epsom Methodist Church. Last year’s Book Fair raised over £41,000 and this year promises to be even bigger and better!

For general inquiries and enquiries about disability access please ring 01372 728535 or email


Explore Epsom and Ewell

Get closer to nature and enjoy the outdoors with our various guided walks. Explore your local nature reserves, discover your borough's history and boost your health and wellbeing too! Visit the Walks page on our website to discover a range of walks that take place across Epsom and Ewell.  

Countryside guided walksHortonCountryPark

History of Horton Country Park
Sunday 2 February; 1pm – 4pm
Discover over a thousand years of this reserves fascinating history on an afternoon stroll with one of our Contryside team. Meet at the Information Centre near the car park.

All guided walks are with a member of our countryside team and take approximately 2.5-3 hours and can cover up to 3 miles. Walks cost £5 per adult, £2.50 per child (16yrs or under). No pre-booking required. Please wear appropriate clothing. Stout boots for walks and a raincoat when it’s wet. Please leave your dog at home on walks that involve looking for animals; otherwise they are welcome on a lead. Please note that walks may be subject to cancellation due to poor weather conditions.

To book a place please contact one of our Countryside Team, email: phone: 01372 732000 or visit  

Epsom and Ewell health walks

Epsom and Ewell health walks cater for all abilities. There are shot beginners walks on Mondays for those who are just getting back into exercise. There are also hour long walks on Wednesdays and Sundays for anyone who would like to walk a little further and at a faster pace. Walks are free and there is no need to book. You can just turn up at your chosen venue and join in.

View/download the Winter programme of walks January - March 2020

Epsom Common Association (ECA)

ECA supports the preservation and protection of Epsom Common local nature reserve and site of special scientific interest. ECA works in partnership with the Council, the Lower Mole Countryside Management Project and English Nature to contribute to the long term management and conservation of the Common.
Nature walks
ECA organise a number of walks on the Common each year which are led by local natural history experts.  The subjects that are usually covered each year include birds in early spring, wildflowers, butterflies, invertebrates particularly bush crickets, bats and fungi. For more info see:
The EcoVols
If you care about the Common and enjoy its wildlife and beauty why not join the ECOVOLS, the volunteer group of the ECA. EcoVols carry out a variety of conservation projects on the Common throughout the year in association with English Nature, the Council and the Lower Mole Countryside Management Project. You don’t need any special skills or experience just your enthusiasm and time! For more info and the 2020 EcoVols programme see:
Hazel Coupe Task
Sunday 16 & Monday 17 February
Meet at the Stew Ponds car park noticeboard at 9.30am. Some of the hazel seedlings planted nine years ago; are now ready for coppicing. Traditional coppice management mimics the natural glades formed when a large tree falls, the increase in light encourages wild flowers such as bluebells and as the hazel regrows provides habitat for insects and mammals including dormice.
Wear warm, waterproof, old clothes, & boots or stout shoes. If you plan to stay all day bring a packed lunch, but the group would be pleased to see you even if only for a few hours.  All tools including work gloves if you don't have your own are provided, as well as tea, coffee and biscuits. Any questions, please email:

Bourne Hall Museum Kids Club

Anglo-Saxons or the not so Dark Ages BHMKC_AngloSaxons
Saturday 8 February; 1pm - 2.30pm
Discover what life was like for the people that gave Ewell its name which means the people who live at the start of the river. Cost: £5 per child (includes 1 accompanying adult).

February half term! Egyption art and make a mummy session
Wednesday 19 February; 10.30am 12noon; 1pm - 2.30pm (two identical sessions)
Learn about the art of ancient Egypt and have fun discovering how mummies were created and then try carving some Hieroglyphics. Cost: £8 per child with £1 sibling discount. Spaces are limited to 15 per session, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Kids Club sessions cost £5 each per child (includes 1 accompanying adult) unless where stated. Bourne Hall Museum Kids Club is for young people 8+ who love history. To book your place or for further information please contact David Brooks, Bourne Hall Museum, Spring Street, Ewell, Surrey, KT17 1UF. Tel: 020 8394 1734. Email: Visit What's On at:

Save the date! Herald of Spring 2020

Looking for a family day out to kick start the Spring season, why not pop down to Herald of Spring this year?HOSposter
Saturday 7 March; 9.30am - 5.30pm
Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell KT17 1UF

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!' This year Bourne Hall is 50 years old and to celebrate its birthday we’re celebrating all things 1960s to help get everyone into a groovy vibe. So why not come on down to Bourne Hall this March and celebrate the first days of spring with us, plus a few extra special guests and surprises from the days of flower power. For more info see:

Also featuring: The Great Scarecrow Competition - Prizes to be won!

Local primary schools and youth groups are invited to enter our competition and create a scarecrow on this year’s 60s theme.

You could create a hippie scarecrow with flowers in its hair or be inspired by members of The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Or perhaps a '60s children’s TV programme such as Captain Pugwash, The Clangers, Sooty or the Magic Roundabout?       

Scarecrow criteria:
•Entries must follow the theme of the 1960s
•Props may be used with the scarecrow.
•Scarecrows must include some plant material which can be living, fresh or dried.
•They should be no taller than 6 feet and be able to withstand all weather conditions.
•The use of recycled materials is encouraged.

Scarecrows must be brought to Bourne Hall by Friday 6 March.

The scarecrows will be judged by the Mayor of Epsom & Ewell
1st place £100 vouchers
2nd place  £50 vouchers

For more information, please email David Books at the Museum on

Energize Epsom and Ewell

DYK: Leisure Listings is a free online directory of leisure facilities and organisations within Epsom and Ewell. To promote your club or organisation please visit and complete a permissions form.

For sport opportunities taking place across the borough visit our website - There's something for everyone!

Strength & Balance classes for the over 60s - get stronger & stay upright longer
15 January onwards; 11.30am - 12.15pm
Epsom Methodist Church, Ashley Road, KT18 5AQ
These weekly classes are delivered by Karen Wilson and wil help strengthen arms and legs, improve your posture and balance and reduce your risk of trips or falls. Cost: £7 or £6 when booking six classes. To book your place or to find out more information call Karen on 07771647132 or email:

Surrey Dance Addicts
Saturdays 11.15am - 12.10pm
Rainbow Leisure Centre
For ages 7+. Qualified gym and dance teachers creating a session of gymnastics and dance fusion - G'Mance. Cost: £8.50 a lesson. For more info and to book email:

February Half Term! Startastic Gymnastics Camp
Friday 21 February; 9am - 3pm
Rosebery School, Epsom
Six hours of fun training on bar, beam, floor, vault, trampette and even some trampolining! Cost: £30 per child
For school aged children upwards - we can welcome non-members as well so get your child to bring a friend along.
For more into and to book visit: Open Gymnastics Camp: UKG/IAIGC Training Camp:

Mary Frances Trust activities
For further information and to book please contact Mary Frances Trust on phone: 01372 375400 or text: 07929 024722, alternatively email:

Epsom Allsorts Running ClubEpsomAllSortsRunningClub
Ideal for those new or returning runners, the sessions alternate between jogging and walking.  Over several weeks you will build your running to the point where you can complete a continuous run. Each session will begin with a gentle warm up and end with a cool down and stretch. The 12 week course is open to all women over age 16 and is ideal for anyone wanting to start running in an enthusiastic, fun and friendly environment. We aim to keep groups reasonably small in order to make sure everyone benefits from the support they need and as a result we do have to limit spaces. 
Pre-registration is required, places will be on a first come basis, for more details please email

Epsom markets


Held in the Market Place by The Clock Tower in Epsom, there's something for everyone!

The traditional Epsom Market takes place on Thursdays and Saturdays 9am - 4pm and features varied stalls from fruit and vegetables, clothes, hardware, fabric, pet foods, flowers, seafood, shoes and other speciality goods, they all offer something special for free: a welcoming smile!

Epsom Vegan Market: Next on Sunday 26 January - takes place on the fourth Sunday of the month from 10.30am - 3.30pm, the go to market for all things vegan and more! For further info and a list of traders see:

Epsom Farmer's Market: Next on Sunday 2 February - takes place on the first Sunday of the month from 9.30am - 1.30pm, this market is a treasure trove of fresh, tasty and attractive local produce. To find out more, come to the market! For more info visit -

Key Facts

Walk your way to health

Register today! Free Diabetes walks this summerDiabetesWalks

Following our successful social diabetes walking programme last summer, we are looking at once again running the free 12 week diabetes walks programme this year. The walks encourage those with diabetes to be more active and improve their health and wellbeing.

The group who took part last summer had a 100% success rate for losing weight and improving blood pressure. They have also made lasting friendships and are very supportive of each other.

The walks are led by an experienced and friendly walk leader, who is insured and first aid trained. Registered participants will meet for 12 weeks and will need to be able to commit to two walks a week. The local scenic walks will be gentle and will last for up to 50 minutes with regular breaks.

The aim of the diabetes walks is to offer participants an opportunity to get healthier and fitter with a social and friendly activity that improves their wellbeing. Participants weight and blood pressure will be measured at weeks 1 and 12 so they can find out their progress over the course of the programme.

At the end of the 12-week programme, participants will also be signposted to health walks in the borough as well as other similar activities to help them to continue improve their lifestyle.

To register your interest to take part in this year's walks please email: or phone 01372 732000.

For information on a range of walks that take place throughout the year across the borough see Explore Epsom & Ewell in the What's on section featuring nature, health walks and more!

Pictured below: Last year's group.


Your Community

Out and about in our community

Interested in volunteering?

Central Surrey Voluntary Action (CSVA)
Working to support and shape best practice in volunteering and social action, CSVA run three volunteer centres located in Elmbridge, Epsom & Ewell and Mole Valley, helping charities recruit volunteers. Volunteering opportunities range from trusteeships, mentoring children and young people, befriending older people to ad hoc volunteering opportunities like conservation, dog walking and much more. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit to find volunteering opportunities in your local area. Alternatively, you can call the team on 01372 722 911 or email You can also pop into the Epsom and Ewell Volunteer Centre which is located at the Town Hall, The Parade, Epsom, KT18 5BY and is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 1pm.

Epsom Rotary
Epsom Rotary Club is looking for new members!  We help the local community and local charities in a number of ways. We meet in a variety of locations and on a variety of days, but primarily built around Thursday lunchtimes/evenings at Cuddington Golf club. For more info see

Friends of Old Moat Garden Centre
The Richmond Fellowship own the Old Moat Garden Centre and they do fantastic work with people suffering from mental health problems, offering the opportunity to enrol for formal or informal training and work experience programmes in a realistic, commercial, but supportive environment. It offers training in nursery stock growing, propagation, vegetable and fruit production as well as contract gardening and cafe training, including food hygiene, barista training and food preparation. Help us restore their walled garden for use as a community facility  – contact Clive Richardson on 01372723698

Age Concern Epsom & Ewell is an independent community charity that has been working with older people in the borough since 1947.
Volunteers needed! We are always in need of reliable volunteers who can help to support our charity in a variety of ways. Whether you have fundraising experience and would like to help out at an event, are able to assist older people with IT support, want to befriend a local older person who may be feeling lonely or become a volunteer driver, there is a place for you here at Age Concern Epsom & Ewell as a volunteer! If you can help please contact Liz Hope for more information about volunteering on phone: 01372 732458 or email:
A Men's Group opportunity: Are you 65+ and living in the borough? Would you like to meet like-minded men to share activities of your choice? We are here to enable you to do this! Call Steve on 01372 732463 or email:

The Sunnybank Trust - Friends to those with a learning disability
If only we could make more people smile! Volunteers needed for: Buddying, Advocacy, Fundraising, Social Clubs, Penpals. Contact Felicity, telephone: 01372 749871 or email: For more info visit

Mary Frances Trust
We're always interested in hearing from people who might want to volunteer with us. Our volunteers are an important part of our organisation and we offer a comprehensive volunteer induction, on-going training and support.

Currently we're actively looking for:
- Volunteer for Foodbank in Dorking to meet clients and advise them of MFT activities/services that may be of help to them.
- Art group volunteers to help with art projects and the coordination of our various art and crafts groups in Epsom and Banstead.
- Volunteers to join our new fundraising group to help with fundraising ideas and organise events.
- Volunteers to help with collection tins to support us at local events.
- Ambassadors to represent us at local events to talk about the work that we do.
- Volunteer to facilitate our Creative Writing group in Epsom
- General facilitator (with car or someone who can travel by public transport) to take registers, support courses and work closely with our Area Co-Ordinator in Epsom and Banstead.
- Volunteer to facilitate and grow our Play Reading group in Epsom.

For any enquiries about volunteering, please get in touch with Anna Silver, our Volunteers Co-Ordinator, at or on 01372 375 400.

For when you need support

Age Concern Epsom & Ewell - please see info above.

Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell
Free, confidential, independent and impartial advice on a range of issues including welfare benefits, money & debt, employment, family & relationships, education & healthcare and consumer issues. Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell is celebrating its 80th birthday this year.
Drop in sessions: Mon 10am - 2pm, Tues 10am - 3pm and 5pm - 7pm, Weds 10am - 1pm, Thurs 10am - 3pm and Fri 10am - 2pm at The Old Town Hall, The Parade, Epsom KT18 5AG. Telephone advice service: Mon – Fri 10am - 4pm on 0300 330 1164. Visit for more information.

Epsom Safe Haven - when you need support in an emotional or mental health crisis.
Open every evening from 6pm - 11pm
The Larches 44 Waterloo Road Epsom Surrey KT19 8EX
Safe Haven offers help and support to anyone going through an emotional or mental health crisis. It's an informal, safe space that supports each individual to take control of, and improve, their own mental health. No appointments are necessary, the team will greet people as they arrive and support them in a way that suits their needs. For more information visit

Let's Talk Epsom
Every Wednesday; 7.30pm - 9pm
St Barnabas Church, Temple Road, Epsom KT19 8HA
A weekly self help group where people who are affected by any kind of depression can meet to share experiences and coping strategies with others in similar situations. For further details contact Allen 07817 471 656. Love Me - Love My Mind charity. Visit

Epsom and Ewell Veterans Community Hub
First Wednesday of each month; 10.30am-12.30pm
Comrades Club, 1 The Parade, Epsom KT18 5BT
Come and meet up with your peers, seek advice, information and guidance from a selection of agencies that help with housing benefits, debt, employment, wellbeing and more. Pop in for a biscuit, tea and a chat. For more info visit    

Can Do!
Thursdays, 9.30am - 11am
Epsom Children's Centre, Pound Lane, Epsom KT19 8SD
New group for children with additional needs. Parent led playgroup for children from 0-5 years old with support on hand for families living in Epsom and Ewell. £1 contribution towards refreshments. No need to book just come along! Phone: 01372 749834, email:  Parking available at Court Recreation Ground KT19 8SB or onsite during school holidays.

Drugs stopped working? Time to draw the line? We can help!
Fridays; 7.30pm-8.45pm
St Martin's Church, Church Street, Epsom KT17 4PX
If you have a problem with cocaine or other drugs, we can help. Talk to Cocaine Anonymous: 0800 612 0225 (free from UK landlines); 0300 111 2285 (mobile friendly) For more info visit:  

Action for Carers Surrey
There are new contact details for local carer support enquiries across Surrey. For more info please see:

Epsom & Ewell Talking Newspaper
Epsom & Ewell Talking Newspaper is a weekly free audio news service for those who have difficulty reading. The Newspaper service includes local borough news, magazine articles and general features recorded weekly and distributed on a memory stick to local residents who are blind, partially sighted or have difficulty reading. For more information call 01372 721519 and leave a message or visit

Leisure activities

Conquest Art - Enriching the lives of people with disabilities
Conquest Art is a charity that work with those whose life is limited by disability and health issues, working creatively can bring relief, relaxation and an improvement in wellbeing and our groups also bring the opportunity to make new friends. Why not visit one of the groups, give it a try, use your imagination and let your creativity flow! All art materials are provided and you would receive a very warm welcome. Absolutely no art experience is necessary, just come along and join the fun.

Locations and timings for our five art Groups in Cheam, Ewell, Epsom, Stoneleigh and Worcester Park:
Ewell: 1pm - 4pm; Christ Church Ewell, Cheam Road, Ewell, KT17 1AD
Stoneleigh: 2pm - 4pm; Stoneleigh Methodist Church, Stoneleigh Crescent, Epsom KT19 0RT
Epsom: 2pm - 4pm; Epsom Methodist Church, Ashley Road, Epsom, KT18 5AQ
Worcester Park: 1.30pm - 3.30pm, St Mary’s Cuddington, The Avenue, Worcester Park, KT4 7HL
Cheam: 2pm - 4pm; St Paul’s Church Centre, Northey Avenue, Cheam, SM2 7HS

Volunteers are the people who make Conquest Art possible. Could you join the team?
Your few hours a week could make a real difference to people's lives. All our art groups need a team of volunteers with a variety of different gifts from organisational skills, artistic experience to someone dealing with the money or making the tea. But most of all we need your enthusiasm.
We are currently seeking volunteer helpers willing to support our art group held at the Christ Church, Ewell every Monday from 1pm - 4pm. Please contact us for more information and we can arrange for you to visit the group to see what the role involves and to meet the other volunteers and members. Phone Tina on 020 3044 2731, email: or visit

Stoneleigh Community Library
For information on what's on see:

Gauntlett Boxing Club
The Barn, Horton County Park, Horton Lane, Epsom KT19 8PL
Sessions designed to suit all ages and abilities. Men, women and children are all catered for and all welcome to join our tailored sessions in a lively, fun and friendly atmospheres To book a free taster class, email: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
Women’s boxing classes: Monday and Fridays 10am-11am; Tuesdays and Thursdays 6.30pm-7.30pm - For women who want to get fighting fit, all abilities of fitness are welcome.

Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity Lottery - Join today and support your local hospital. For further details see

Do Yoga
Tuesdays; 6.30pm-7.30pm
The Crypt, St Martin's Church Hall, Epsom KT17 4PX
Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Happy. For more info visit:

Green Man Sword dancing taster sessions
Tuesdays 10 & 17 September (upstairs function room)
The Famous Green Man, High Street, Ewell KT17 1RX
Come and try traditional sword dancing - we're recruiting new members for our friendly team, no experience necessary. New members welcome at any of our practices or come to one of our taster sessions. Free of charges and open to all aged 16+. For more info visit email:

The Heart & Soul Epsom Choir
Wednesdays; 8pm - 9.30pm
Unity Hall, Depot Road, Epsom KT17 4RJ
Do you enjoy singing? Fancy a little pick-me-up every week? Then come and join us. No audition, no neeed to be able to read music - just pitch up and sing! Bring a friend if you liek and come for a free trial session. To find out more and to book your free trial session call 07745 852836, email: or visit

An evening of meditation
Wednesdays; 7.30pm - 8.30pm (please arrive by 7.15pm)
Ewell Court House, Lakehurst Road, Ewell KT19 0EB
An introduction to meditation and mindfulness. Blankets, cushions and water will be provided. Please feel free to bring along an extra blanket. Cost £10 per session. Contact Susan Kinsey at Purple Feather to book on 07762 727 511 or email: Booking is necessary as spaces are limited.

Salsa -  For Beginners & Improvers
Wednesdays, 8.30pm-9.30pm
Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell KT17 1UF
£8 per class/£6 for students and seniors. No booking required/no partner required. For more info visit or call mobile: 07584 188481.

Epsom Male Voice Choir - 'Come & Sing'
Wednesdays; 7.30pm - 10pm
United Reform Church Hall, London Road, Ewell KT17 2BE
The Choir rehearse every week and enjoy performing a wide range of songs from Show Tunes, Male Voice Classics and even tastefully arranged 'pop' songs, in addition to songs specially written by their award winning musical director. It is not a requirement to be able to read music and they learn from CDs or the computer, as well as at their rehearsals. For more info visit or email:

Phoenix Clog
Wednesday nights (11 and 18 September); 8pm-10pm (Special newcomer's introductory sessions on Wednesdays 12 & 19 September).
Viola Le Petit Dance Studio, (behind) 91 Chessington Road, West Ewell KT19 9UU
All are welcome! Lose those summer pounds by clog dancing. Learn North West clog dancing and come to one of our special newcomer’s taster sessions. For more info email: phone: 020 8393 9286 or visit

Try Morris Dancing with Ewell St Mary's Morris Men
Thursdays; 8.30pm or when you can make it
Scout Hut, 106A West Street, Ewell KT17 1XR
No experience necessary. Contact us on 0208 3974763 or 07761 824646 or email: or visit our website: or follow us on Facebook and Twitter @ewellmorrismen

Musical memories
Thursdays; 2pm - 3.30pm
The King's Church, Gibraltar Crescent (off Longmead Road), West Ewell KT19 9BU
Come with a friend or carer! Singing is a good physical exercise and when we sing together we listen to each other, we laugh together and we share happy moments and memories. Come and sing songs you love, new songs and songs you thought you had forgotten. A group especially for those with memory problems. For more details call Barbara on 0777 574 1994 or 01306 884 656.

D-Caf Banstead
Third Thursday of every month; 6pm - 8pm
The Banstead Centre, The Horseshoe, Banstead SM7 2BQ
An evening for people who have dementia, their carers and family. Come and join our friendly group for a chatter, tea or coffee, sandwich and cake. Transport is available for people living in Epsom and Ewell. £3 charged to cover costs. Just come along or contact Lyn on 07546 958299.

Flowing Hatha Yoga with Tara
Saturdays 10.30am - 11.30am
St Martin of Tours Church Hall, Epsom KT17 4PX
Please do bring your own yoga mat. For more info visit or phone: 07810 718144

Sacred Space
Every fourth Saturday of the month; 10am - 12noon
Christ Church, Epsom KT19 8NE
Church open for private prayer, meditation, quiet time. At 12noon there will be a short said service of prayers for healing and peace. All welcome.

Need help to get a job?

Stoneleigh Job Club
Tuesdays 10am - 12noon
Stoneleigh Library, 1 The Broadway, Stoneleigh KT17 2JA
Thursdays 10am -12 noon
Epsom Job Centre Plus ( aka the Community Hub) East Street Epsom
Helping you take the steps into work. This Job Club is for you if you're - seeking your first job, changing your career, need help with your CV, interview skills and more! From 18+ welcome every week and its all free to everyone! 1:1 Free coaching and support from trained volunteer coaches for finding that job, changing careers or returning to work after breaks, including confidence building; CV drafting and updating; interview preparation and review; IT basic skills for employment; job searching and applications; compassionate and caring and purposeful coaching with professional standards and support. Appointments online or website or phone or drop in if you are passing. Website: tel: 07941 231072, email: Twitter and Facebook: @stoneleightjobclub  

The Ethos Project - Epsom Job Hub
Every Friday; 12noon - 2pm
Epsom Methodist Church, Ashley Road, Epsom KT18 5AQ
Visit the job hub if you are unemployed or working less than 16 hours a week, or ring Nanette Chandler on mobile: 07904 908871. No appointment needed. Laptops/internet for job searching, get help with online job searching, help with job applications and CVs

WEA courses for supporting parents and children

Please see links below to the following WEA courses for January and February 2020: 


Preparing for Interview: Questions, Tasks & Tests:

Preparing To Help in Schools:

Intro to being a Teaching Assistant:

Supporting KS1 Maths:


Supporting KS2 Maths:

Supporting teaching and learning in Schools and Colleges: (need initial assessment before able to book online)

Supporting the behavior of SEND children:

South East Rivers Trust Outfalls Safari event

South East Rivers Trust Outfalls Safari training session
Tuesday 3 March, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Bourne Hall, Ewell, KT17 1UF

South East Rivers Trust are updating their Hogsmill Outfall Safari results for 2020 and need volunteers to help them report polluting outfalls and tackle misconnections. If you're interested in taking part, please book to attend the Outfall Safari training session here:

The Outfall Safari method involves systematically surveying the entire length of a river to locate and score misconnected outfalls. This allows the pollution to be reported to Thames Water and the Environment Agency so that it can be tackled. You can read more here:

For further info see:

Rotary helps Soroptimists

The Rotary Club of Epsom has presented a cheque for £2,697.50p to My Time for Young Carers, which is part of the Epsom Branch of Soroptimists International.

Ronnie Smith, president of Epsom Rotary Club, said that the funds were raised during a very enjoyable fund raising afternoon last September at the Epsom Club. She was delighted to hand over the cheque to My Time for Young Carers who, she said, do so much important work for young carers in this area.

Nichola Walsh, who received it on behalf of My Time for Young Carers, said: We work to give young carers a chance to have fun and be ‘care free’ for a while. In 2012 when My Time for Young Carers was launched eight young people came along supported by ten volunteers. In 2018 there were eighty plus members attending clubs in four locations, supported by forty volunteers.

"The funds raised by the Epsom Rotary Club will make a real difference to these young people and on their behalf I thank Epsom Rotary Club for their generous support”.


Could you be a Surrey County Councillor?

SCCBecomeaCouncillorAre you passionate about your local community? Would you be interested in becoming a Surrey County Councillor?

Are you passionate about your community? Want to make a difference? What matters most to you in your area? Is it ensuring that children have the best start in life, making the roads safer or improving services for older people? Are you passionate about being the voice for residents and improving services for your community? If so, being a Surrey County Councillor could be for you. Why not start the New Year finding out if you could be your area's next county councillor.

Find out more about becoming a councillor

If you're not sure what's involved you can visit the 'becoming a councillor' web page for more information which includes answers to frequently asked questions, and links to useful resources from the Local Government Association.

Come along to an event to find out more

The event will include practical information on the support available to councillors and the electoral process, alongside talks from existing members and the opportunity to meet with representatives from the political groups.

It's free to come along but tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Telephone alcohol treatment

i-access, the drug and alcohol service for Surrey residents, is piloting a telephone-based treatment this winter to help increasing and higher-risk drinkers who are seeking to reduce their intake.

Until the end of March 2020, the service is piloting Alcohol Extended Brief Interventions (EBI).

Treatment consists of up to six 30 minute sessions conducted by telephone with an alcohol specialist.

People who require additional support following the Extended Brief Intervention, subject to meeting the criteria, may automatically be referred onto the full i-access treatment pathway,

This pathway will be integrated into Surrey’s existing treatment system delivered by i-access and will create a single point of contact and assessment for all alcohol clients.

The service is offered by Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust as part of i-access, a partnership with Catalyst Support.

More information at

Your Council

Council meetings: January - February 2020


Licensing and Planning Policy Committee, Thursday 23 January, 7pm

Epsom and Walton Downs Conservators, Monday 27 January, 6pm

Environment and Safe Communities Committee, Tuesday 28 January, 7.30pm

Financial Policy Panel, Wednesday 29 January, 6pm

Strategy and Resources Committee, Thursday 30 January, 7.30pm


Audit, Crime & Disorder and Scrutiny Committee, Thursday 6 February, 7.30pm

Planning Committee, Wednesday 12 February, 7pm

Council, Thursday 13 February, 7.30pm

Shareholder Sub Committee, Tuesday 18 February, 2pm

Nonsuch Park Joint Management Committee, Monday 24 February, Nonsuch Park Mansion House, 10am

All meetings are held at the Town Hall, Epsom (unless otherwise stated). Meetings may be cancelled or additional meetings arranged as necessary. To view the full year’s calendar of meetings, download agendas or review minutes of previous meetings visit

Agenda papers are available online to download five clear working days before a meeting and are accessible via the app.

For further information please contact Democratic Services, email: quoting the Committee or subject area you are interested in - we are always happy to help.

Parliamentary candidates election expenses


Jobs at the Council

Why work for Epsom & Ewell Borough Council?

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council is a small, forward-thinking local authority set in the heart of Surrey and within easy reach of London and the M25. We take pride in our progressive approach to the development and delivery of public services, and support equality of opportunity for all.

If you're looking for a new challenge, seeking career development or even looking to return to work, visit our jobs page - for all the latest vacancies and to view are new 'Working with us' recruitment video.

You can also visit the Epsom & Ewell pages at

Find us on too! Search for Epsom & Ewell Borough Council

Contact us

Tel: 01372 732000
Text: 07950 080202

Borough Insight is published by Epsom & Ewell Borough Council for residents in the borough. For more information and to view the current issue of the magazine visit:

If you have any queries on its contents please contact The Editor, Borough Insight, Epsom & Ewell Borough Council, Town Hall, The Parade, Epsom, Surrey KT18 5BY.

Tel: 01372 732000.

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