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We're now in the run up to a General Election. We highlight the dates running up to this election that you should be aware of in this issue. Please be aware that your polling station may be in a different place to where you are have voted previously.

Under electoral rules, while the running of council services continue as 'business as usual', we also go into the pre-election period also known as 'purdah' where our communications and some other activities are curtailed to ensure political neutrality. We know many of you find trying to find information on the candidates manifestoes and what policies they are advocating frustrating, but under electoral neutrality rules we are not allowed to signpost to or to feature this information.

We will not be issuing another e-borough Insight this year, so this issue contains all the Christmas information that we have been made aware of so far - see the Spotlight section.

The Epsom Christmas lights switch event on is on Thursday 28 November, starting at 4pm in the Market Place and carrying on till just after 9pm, featuring a fun fair, the big man himself and loads of Christmas fun. The exciting news is that, thanks to our friends at the Epsom Business Improvement District, the climax of the stage show, will be a special performance by the tribute band, The Take That Experience!

Don’t forget to recycle this Christmas, all the wrapping paper Christmas cards, plastic mixer bottles, cardboard chocolate boxes and advent calendars can all be recycled and don’t forget the remains of the big meal, bones, peelings, cheese rind and all, can all go into your food recycling bin. As in previous years after Christmas we be running our free real Christmas tree recycling service.

On behalf of all our colleagues at the Council, we wish all residents a happy and peaceful Christmas and the very best for the New Year (and who knows, 2020 may see an answer to Brexit)!

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