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Elections; you wait for four years to have one and then two come along together!

We detail the changes to this council following the borough elections in the Key Facts section and we also cover the local results of European Parliamentary elections in the news section.

We would like to thank the small army of individuals who helped us successfully deliver the two elections, drafted in so that our teams could continue to deliver all our normal services with as little disruption as possible. To all those who staffed polling stations, co-ordinated postal votes, issued poll cards and who took part in the counts (especially the 50 plus local people who gave up 12 hours of their bank holiday Sunday to count the European Parliamentary election votes) a very big thank you!

And while we are on the subject of thanks, a heartfelt acknowledgement to all residents and businesses whose diligent efforts have seen our highest recycling rates ever, well above the national average.

Elsewhere in this issue we look at the past and to the future. The past, in the events being held to remember the Epsom riot and also the WW2 anniversaries of D Day and Operation Epsom. The future, in some of the youngster’s visions for the borough and celebrating our young champions.

Hopefully (general election permitting) we’ll be back on our normal timetable from the end of June with our monthly round-up of news and upcoming events.

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