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Water wise

While torrential rain is forecast over the next few days, water companies have urged UK households to conserve supplies as the country continues to bask in a near record-breaking temperatures with less rain than normal.

Here's some tips to save water and be water wise:water can

  • Learn to love your brown lawn – leave the sprinkler in the shed this summer, it’s one of the biggest water guzzlers! Grass is extremely hard to kill. Your lawn will soon bounce back and be vibrant and green again when the rain returns
  • Set your mower a level higher during summer as keeping grass longer shades the soil surface and reduces water lost to evaporation
  • Water plants late at night when it’s cool. The water is less likely to evaporate and will do most good. Watering in the heat of the day is not advised as it can scorch and kill your plants. Use a watering can instead of a hose - you’ll save up to 1,000 litres an hour. And if you are boiling potatoes or steaming vegetables, when you are done you can use that water to on your plants (when it has cooled, obviously)!
  • Don’t wash your car. You can get away with washing just the windows, lights and mirrors or if do you have to wash it just use a bucket and sponge and not a hosepipe.
  • If you’ve already filled the paddling pool for the day, don’t empty it. You can save loads on your water bill by using paddling pool covers or gentle sterilising tablets that keep the paddling pool water fresh for days of use and fun with the kids. When you are done use the water to wash the car or water the flower beds
  • Summer salads, BBQs, and ice creams often mean less washing up. Save water, electricity, and dishwasher tablets by only starting the dishwasher once it’s fully loaded
  • Take a shorter shower or a shallower bath. Just a minute less in the shower can save as much as £50 a year on your water bill
  • Fix that dripping tap. Dripping taps are just money running down the drain. If your tap dripped every second, all day, it would waste around 17 litres in just 24hours! That’s over 6000 litres!




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