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Valentine's: a tail of true love

PoopThis Valentine's, we’ve joined forces with the Dog’s Trust, who campaign on the issue of dog fouling by encouraging owners to be more responsible and changing the attitudes of the minority who fail to pick up after their dogs.

See the Dog Trust Valentine's music video a tail of true love and share it with your friends!

Dog owners, please remember:

  • always carry a poo bag with you - tie one to your lead so you always have a spare
  • in Epsom & Ewell, you can dispose of dog mess in any public litter bin
  • don’t discard your used poo bags for someone else to pick up
  • it’s important to keep sight of your dog at all times when in a public space so that you can see when and where they poo
  • if you see someone in need of a poo bag offer them one of yours!
  • wash your hands after your walk. Dog faeces may contain worms that can be a threat to human health. For advice about treating your dog against worms, contact your vet.

For further information on responsible dog ownership visit our website

Valentine's: planning the perfect date

dinnerPlanning the perfect date can be stressful as there’s a lot to worry about, including of course, whether you will get on and if you will make a good impression.

So the last thing you want to think about before an important dinner is whether or not the place you choose takes food hygiene seriously.

The truth is, you can’t tell a restaurant’s hygiene standards by how clean and tidy the staff look or by how romantic the décor and ambience is.

It’s the things you can’t see – like germs spread by bad hygiene practices – that you need to consider. There’s one easy way to set your mind at rest – check the food hygiene rating. This tells you about hygiene standards in restaurants and other food businesses.

Council food hygiene inspectors regularly examine every restaurant, pub, takeaway, café and other food retailers. We check them and rate them from 0 to 5, with a 5 rating meaning very good food hygiene standards.

Establishments don't have to display their ratings, although those that score well are generally proud to display their green and black sticker. Some of those that don't score well, don't display their ratings but it’s really simple to check. Just go online to the Food Standard Agency’s website:

Over 90% of food businesses are rated a three or higher so there are plenty of places with good food hygiene standards, you can choose from. This means you can easily avoid taking your special date to those places not meeting the grade!

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