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Wow, hasn’t the summer got off to a grand start! The arts festival and the choral festival exceeded many expectations, as did the Borough’s participation in the Surrey Youth Games. And now the weather finally seems to have realised that it is time to excel, just as the schools break up.

And as you start to wonder what to do with your little darlings as the long school break stretches interminably in front of you, we launch our annual summer activities guide, full of creative and sporting activities for those aged under 18. The spotlight section in this issue not only highlights the guide, it also features a wealth of summer activities across the Borough.

As we all get in our cars to enjoy the summer across the UK and further afield, we include the latest national advice about driving on the motorway and the county campaign to share the road responsibly with cyclists.

While it seems perverse to think about winter as we delight in the warmest part of the year, now is an excellent time to think about new boilers and insulation before the cold returns. We have just committed to our continuing association with Action Surrey, helping local residents to save money and reduce their energy bills.

Enjoy the warm weather (while it lasts) and don’t worry, the shops are already full of ‘back to school’ goodies!

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