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To quote the great Noddy Holder “IT’S CHRISTMAS!”

One of the things that sets Epsom & Ewell apart is the community spirit and, at this time of year, that can be seen in spades. In this issue we include details of a festive cornucopia of community activities in the What’s On section.

If you are getting fed up with the gaudy commercial side of Christmas (decorations seemed to be up in the shops before Halloween), there are a couple of events that might restore your festive cheer; we welcome the Peace Light into Epsom on the 20 December and there’s Christmas music, carols and humour on Saturday 5 December in Nonsuch Park organised by The Friends of Nonsuch in the Mansion House Stable – now you can’t get a more traditional Christmas than that!

Don’t forget to recycle this Christmas, all the wrapping paper (let’s hope you have lots, as that means lots of pressies!), Christmas cards, plastic mixer bottles, cardboard chocolate boxes & advent calendars can all be recycled and don’t forget the remains of the big meal, bones and all, can all go into your food recycling bin.

The team at Borough Insight (it’s a very small team!) and our colleagues at the Council wish all residents a happy and peaceful Christmas  and the very best of the New Year.


Wellbeing excellence recognised


Pictured: The Epsom & Ewell Wellbeing Centre team with the Living and Ageing Well Award

Epsom & Ewell Wellbeing Centre has won Best Healthy Living Project at this year's Living and Ageing Well Awards.

The Awards provide an exciting opportunity for individuals and particularly volunteers, to be acknowledged for the positive contribution they make to their local community, improving services for older people resulting in increased wellbeing.

The centre is one of nine across Surrey and was developed to help support people to access information and support services relating to memory loss, dementia and associated problems. It was opened two years ago and carers in particular find the services invaluable. It offers a range of classes and activities that allow individuals and their carers the opportunity to do things together in a safe, friendly and non-judgemental environment. It is an excellent service supporting individuals and their families to remain as independent as possible utilising local services and support in this area.

For more information see Living and Ageing Well Awards 2015

Council services over Christmas and the New Year

The majority of Council services will operate as normal over the festive period but there are some changes. These changes take into account Bank Holidays and are to ensure best value for the tax payer.

In emergencies, the Council can be contacted on 01372 732000 - this service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ashley Road cemetery
The cemetery will be open as normal for visitors over the Christmas/New Year period.

Bourne Hall
Thursday 24 December; open 9am - 4pm
Friday 25 December; closed
Saturday 26 December; closed
Sunday 27 December; closed
Monday 28 December; closed
Tuesday 29 December; open as normal
Wednesday 30 December; open as normal
Thursday 31 December; open 9am - 5pm
Friday 1 January; closed
Saturday 2 January; open 9am - 11pm
From Sunday 3 January; normal opening hours.

Community Alarm
Monitoring Centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year.

Administration, enquiries and repair service :

Thursday 24 December; operating 8.30am – 2pm
Friday 25 December; closed

Saturday 26 December; closed as normal
Sunday 27 December; closed as normal
Monday  28 December; closed
Tuesday 29 December; operating as normal
Wednesday 30 December; operating as normal
Thursday 31 December; operating 8.30am – 2pm
Friday 1 January; closed
Saturday 2 January; closed as normal
Sunday 3 January; closed as normal
From Monday 4 January; normal operating hours.

Ebbisham Centre
Thursday 24 December; open 7.45am - 5pm
Friday 25 December; closed
Saturday 26 December; closed
Sunday 27 December; closed
Monday 28 December; closed
Tuesday 29 December; open as normal
Wednesday 30 December; open as normal
Thursday 31 December; open 7.45am - 6pm closed
Friday 1 January; closed
From Saturday 2 January; normal operating hours

Longmead Centre
Thursday  24 December; open 9am - 1.30pm
Friday 25 December; closed
Saturday 26 December; closed
Sunday 27 December; closed
Monday 28 December; closed
Tuesday 29 December; 9am - 4pm
Wednesday 30 December; 9am - 4pm
Thursday 31 December; open 9am - 1.30pm
Friday 1 January; closed
From Saturday 2 January; normal opening hours.

The Farmers Market, that normally takes place on the first Sunday of the month will not be operating on 3 January.

Meals on Wheels
Thursday  24 December; hot meals delivered as normal
Friday 25 December; closed
Saturday 26 December; closed as normal
Sunday 27 December; closed as normal
Monday 28 December; closed
Tuesday 29 December; hot meals delivered as normal
Wednesday 30 December; hot meals delivered as normal
Thursday 31 December; hot meals delivered as normal
Friday  1 January; closed
Saturday 2 January; closed as normal
Sunday 3 January; closed as normal
From Monday 4 January; normal operating hours
Note: Frozen meals can be provided in advance for when hot meal deliveries do not take place - these need to be booked in advance.

Nature reserves
Local nature reserves operate normal opening hours across the festive period.

Parks operate normal opening hours across the festive period.

Thursday 24 December; operating 8.30am - 2pm (last pick-up 1pm)
Friday 25 December; not operating
Saturday 26 December; not operating
Sunday 27 December; not operating
Monday  28 December; not operating
Tuesday 29 December; operating as normal
Wednesday 30 December; operating as normal
Thursday 31 December; operating 8.30am - 2pm (last pick-up 1pm)
Friday 1 January; not operating
Saturday 2 January; not operating
Sunday 3 January; not operating
From Monday 4 January; normal operating hours.

Rubbish and Recycling collections
Changes to the normal collection times over the Christmas and New Year period are highlighted elsewhere in this e-newsletter.

Shopping service
Last Deliveries 23 December & 30 December.
Normal deliveries resume on 4 January.

Monitoring Centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year.
Administration, enquiries and repair service - see Town Hall.

Town Hall
Thursday 24 December; closed
Friday 25 December; closed
Saturday 26 December; closed
Sunday 27 December; closed
Monday 28 December; closed
Tuesday 29 December; open as normal
Wednesday 30 December; open as normal
Thursday 31 January;  open 9am – 3pm
Friday 1 January; closed
Saturday 2 January; closed
Sunday 3 January; closed
From Monday 4 January; normal opening hours.

Wellbeing Centre
Thursday 24 December; open 9am - 1.30pm
Friday 25 December; closed
Saturday 26 December; closed
Sunday 27 December; closed
Monday 28 December; closed
Tuesday 29 December; open as normal
Wednesday 30 December; open as normal
Thursday 31 December; open 9am - 1.30pm
Friday 1 January; closed
Saturday 2 January; closed as normal
Sunday 3 January; closed as normal
From Monday 4 January; normal opening hours.

Wells Centre
Thursday 24 December; closed
Friday 25 December; Open 4pm – 7pm (for a community event)
Saturday 26 December; closed
Sunday  27 December; open 10.30am – 12.30pm (church)
Monday 28 December; closed
Tuesday 29 December; open 9am – 5pm
Wednesday 30 December; open 9am – 5pm
Thursday 31 December;  open 9am – 2pm
Friday  1 January;  closed
From Saturday 2 January; normal opening hours

Rubbish and Recycling collections over Christmas and the New Year

Your recycling really makes a difference at Christmas. Use your black recycling bin to recycle wrapping paper, cards and packaging including plastics. Your weekly food recycling bin takes all food leftovers.

Collections for all services will remain as normal up to and including Friday 18 December.  During Christmas and New Years weeks collections will take place as follows.Christmas recycling poster

Garden waste and leaves
There will be no garden waste or leaf recycling collections during Christmas or New Year's weeks (weeks commencing Monday 21 and Monday 28 December).  Normal collection schedules will resume week commencing 4 January.

Bulky waste
There will be no bulky waste collections during Christmas or New Year's weeks (weeks commencing Monday 21 and Monday 28 December).  Bulky waste collections will resume week commencing 4 January.

All other collections
All other recycling and waste collections will take place as follows.

Christmas week:
Normal collection day          Actual collection day
Monday 21 December         Normal collections
Tuesday 22 December        Normal collections
Wednesday 23 December   Normal collections
Thursday 24 December       Normal collections
Friday 25 December            Wednesday 23 December

New Year's week:
Normal collection day        Actual collection day
Monday 28 December       Tuesday 29 December
Tuesday 29 December       Normal collections
Wednesday 30 December Normal collections
Thursday 31 December     Wednesday 30 December
Friday 1 January                Thursday 31 December                   

As usual, we will be placing reminder labels on your green refuse bin handle during December.

Leave your refuse and recycling containers out for collection in a clearly visible place at the edge of your property by 6:30am on collection day.

All collections return to their normal schedules week commencing 4 January.

Real Christmas tree recycling
After New Year's week we will operate a free real Christmas tree recycling collection for all residents.
Starting week commencing Monday 4 January, leave your real Christmas tree (all decorations removed) in a clearly visible place next to your green refuse bin on your normal refuse collection day and we will collect it separately for recycling.

2016 collection calendars
We will be delivering 2016 refuse and recycling collection calendars to all houses during November and December.  Check your collection day.

Free Christmas Sunday shoppers parking

The Council will be providing free parking in its Epsom car parks on the Sunday’s leading up to Christmas.

Free parking will be available in Ashley Centre, Town Hall,  Hope Lodge, Depot Road and Upper High Street car parks on  6 December, 13 December and 20 December.


Town Hall and Hope Lodge Car parks upgraded

The Council has been undertaking a variety of improvements to its car parks, including the installation of LED lighting, resurfacing and relining, widening bays (to allow for wider vehicles), increasing the number of dedicated spaces for those with infants and creating additional spaces to increase capacity.

The latest improvement saw the rear Town Hall and Hope Lodge car parks upgraded from pay & display to barrier control on 1 December.

Under pay and display users have to return to their vehicles by a set time. Barrier control allows users greater flexibility as they pay for the time they have used, rather than building in a contingency with their pay & display ticket. The new system will also allow payment by credit/debit card and will give change when paying in cash, something that users had requested.

Users will take a yellow token at the entry points and use this to pay for their parking and to raise the barrier on exit; this is the same procedure operating successfully at the Ashley Centre and Hook Road car parks.

Whilst these car parks car park remain intended for short term use and charges reflect this, there is now the option to remain longer than the previous maximum stay of up to two hours. Charges for stays up to two hours have not changed – it will cost the same to park for 30 minutes, one hour or two hours on 1 December as it did on 30 November.

Gatley Avenue children's play area improvements

Work is due to commence on a major refurbishment of the Gatley Avenue children’s play area.

Due to start on 1 December, the refurbishment will see new play equipment installed in the play area which is situated at the end of Gatley Avenue at the Bonesgate.

The refurbishment is proceeding after the Council secured funding from various sources and after consultation with local residents.

Whilst work is on going the play area will be closed. Parking in a small area of the vicinity will be suspended for contractor’s requirements. It is anticipated work will be completed within eight weeks.

Epsom West Division Surrey County Council By-Election Results

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council would like to announce the results for Epsom West Division Surrey County Council by-election held on Thursday 19 November.

The number of votes recorded for each candidate is as follows:

Name of Candidate


Number of Votes (If elected the word ‘Elected’ appears against the number of votes).

Chinn, Katherine Mary

Labour Party Candidate


Crook, Christopher

Green Party


Dallen, Neil Andrew

Residents Associations of Epsom and Ewell


Leach, Robert

UK Independence Party (UKIP)


Morris, Julie Anne

Liberal Democrat


Persand, Karandeo

Local Conservatives

612 Elected

The candidate as indicated above is duly elected.

The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows:


(A) want of an official mark        


(B) voting for more than one candidate


(C) writing or mark by which voter could be identified


(D) being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty


(E) rejected in part


Total rejected


Electorate total: 10,548

Ballot papers issued: 2,602

Turnout: 24.7%

The count took place on Friday 20 November at the Town Hall, Epsom.

For more information please visit the Council’s website

Local businesses get together to discuss plans for the Borough's economic future

Last month around 70 local business leaders met at Epsom Downs Racecourse to discuss how to grow the Borough’s economy.BusinessBreakfast1

Organised through a partnership of Surrey Chambers of Commerce, the Federation of Small Businesses and Epsom & Ewell Borough Council the event was seen to be a significant step in the development of an economic strategy for the Borough.

Key local businesses including Atkins, the Ashley Centre, Epsom Coaches, and Boots looked at a range of ways to make Epsom a better place for companies to do business. The discussion included diverse topics such as investment in transport infrastructure to tackle congestion, how to attract more businesses to the town and what further support is needed for small businesses.

Also under discussion was the potential for a Business Improvement District for Epsom Town Centre. Business-led, business-driven BIDs provide an income stream to pay for such things as marketing and branding of a town, environmental improvements such as additional planting and public space improvements, and running of events. All Epsom’s town centre competitors – Kingston, Sutton and Guildford– now have BIDs in place and concern was expressed that Epsom retailers are at a disadvantage.

Speaking after the event, Louise Punter, Chief Executive of Surrey Chambers said, “Epsom has a strong local economy but we want it to be even stronger. There were lots of ideas about how to do that this morning – and lots of agreement on the way forward.

“A number of initiatives were raised as important in moving forward including - the availability of space for business incubation, the creation of a Business Improvement District, sharing of information on what support is available to small businesses, and the importance of bringing Oyster Zone 6 to Epsom.”

BusinessBreakfast2Frances Rutter, Chief Executive of Epsom & Ewell Borough Council added: “I found this event hugely valuable. We’re at the early stages of creating an Economic Development Strategy for the Borough that will look at ways in which the Council can protect and grow employment space, what our focus should be in bidding for infrastructure investment such as road improvements and encouraging more sustainable transport uses. We’ll be using the views expressed today as we develop this Strategy”.

MGSO4: Epsom & Ewell Arts Festival


The first ever Epsom & Ewell arts festival will take place from 24 – 26 June 2016 at venues across the Borough.

The MGSO4 Festival takes its name from the chemical formula for Epsom Salts, that made our area famous almost 400 years ago.

The MGSO4 festival will showcase the very best creative talent Epsom & Ewell has to offer in music, art, theatre, dance, literature, film and photography - welcome back some well-known names. With live performances, workshops, exhibitions and extraordinary events, the borough will be transformed into a creative hub – building up to a big staged event on Sunday in Rosebery Park.

The arts festival is being organised by a committee of volunteers who came together through an article in the local newspaper. Since then, the team have been busy putting plans in place and developing an exciting line-up that will be revealed at the beginning of next year.

Festival director Sarah Dewing said: "We have big ambitions for the festival and our programme is getting bigger and better by the day. There will be something for everyone. We strongly believe that MGSO4 will put Epsom on the map as a more exciting place to live, work, study and visit and we want the whole community to join us in celebrating life through the arts."

As well as hosting inspiring events with professional artists and performers, MGSO4 will also be supporting people from all parts of the community in getting creative. The team are working with local groups including The Sunnybank Trust, Phab, care homes for older people, as well as all schools in Epsom & Ewell.

MGSO4 is an independent not-for-profit organisation and the group is applying for charitable status for the purpose of promoting arts and music in the local area.

The festival committee will be launching a campaign to raise the money needed to make the arts festival accessible for all. Businesses interested in sponsorship opportunities and anyone who wants to find out more should visit the website:

Have your Say! Crossrail 2 public consultation

The proposed new railway serving London and the wider South East, would run underground through London between Wimbledon and New Southgate/Tottenham Hale and link into the existing national rail network above ground for destinations in Surrey and Hertfordshire. The proposals are at a very early stage of development and subject to funding and approval, the earliest the scheme could be open by is 2030.

Crossrail 2 trains are proposed to run south west of Wimbledon serving branch lines to Epsom, Chessington South, Hampton Court and Shepperton. This means that in the Borough of Epsom & Ewell, Crossrail 2 is proposed to serve Worcester Park, Stoneleigh, Ewell West and Epsom stations. 

The public consultation currently underway will run until 8 January 2016.

To respond formally to this consultation, please visit to leave a comment or provide a response to the consultation questions contained in the feedback form. Alternatively, you can respond by post to: FREEPOST CROSSRAIL 2 CONSULTATIONS.

If you have any queries about the consultation or the Project, email: 

Action Surrey is offering boiler and insulation grants

action surrey 1

action surrey 2

Spotlight on

Arisen from the ashes

Ewell Court House has fully reopened after extensive rebuilding and renovation following the devastating fire two years ago.

The house was reopened by the Mayor of Epsom & Ewell, Councillor Christopher Frost, who said: “It is fantastic to celebrate the reopening of a facility where the local community can, and does, come together. I pay tribute to those who have worked so hard and so skilfully to recreate a building of which the Borough can be proud. With the considerable financial pressures it is facing, I’m also pleased that the Council was able to find the funding to ensure that Ewell Court House is not just reopening the same as it was before, but better.”

Councillor Jan Mason, Chairman of the Council’s Leisure Committee, remembered her despair when she first saw the fire ravished building. She paid tribute to the firefighters who managed to save the majority of the structure and to all the individuals and organisations who were involved in its re-instatement. She added “I love this building, not just its fabric, but because of its value to the local community. This building has been a community asset for a century. With the restoration now complete, I hope it will remain so for another 100 years”.

Paul Redington from Zurich Municipal, Epsom & Ewell Borough Council's insurer comments: 'Putting the customer first is at the core of what Zurich Municipal does – we aren’t interested in just writing a cheque and walking away. That we could work alongside Epsom & Ewell Borough Council towards an appropriate and agreed upon renovation is testament to the good working relationship we have. The Council and all the parties involved should be very proud of such a respectful restoration to a much loved community building.'

The Council is once again taking bookings for room hire at the house which is much favoured as a wedding venue as well as hosting meetings and various community activities.

 Ewell Court House reopen

Top: a couple of images taken on the day of the fire  


Bottom: Revealed the fully refurbished (and rebuilt) Ewell Court House  





A brief history of Ewell Court House

Avenue House was a gentleman’s’ residence built near the old farm of Ewell Court in the late 1600’s. In the 1700’s it was owned by the Bridges family and in the 1800’s was being used as the headquarters for their gunpowder business. In 1879, John Bridges married Edith Tritton and decided to create a new home by remodelling Avenue House and extensively landscaping its grounds. On completion, the house was renamed Ewell Court. Later owners, the Stoddarts, facing financial difficulties in 1935, sold the house to the Council. As the centre of World War II civil defence for West Ewell, ambulances, air raid wardens and even a gas decontamination unit were based at the house. In 2003, the Council decided to sell the building for residential development however local residents strongly opposed the decision and it was reversed. Instead, the Council, in partnership with the local residents groups, elected to revitalise Ewell Court House as a community facility, funded in part by the hire of its rooms for functions.

In the early morning of 10 December 2013, a low-powered frost inhibitor in the roof space caused a fire. Ten fire engines fought the blaze which destroyed 50% of the roof and various parts of the upper structure. Water used by the firefighters severely damaged ceilings, ornate plaster work and floors. However some of the building was unscathed and the public library and children’s nursery that occupy part of the building were able to reopen within a few days.

What's On

Christmas events across Epsom & Ewell

ScoutCharityTreeSaleChristmas activities in the Borough are well underway – here’s a round-up of some we know about (some of these are organised by other groups and the Council is not responsible for the activity).

Community Christmas Post - only 25p!
Delivery in postal areas KT17 - KT21
For full details of locations of Scout post boxes, collection and delivery times, visit Payment (in cash) should be included with the cards and posted into one of the Scout post boxes. All proceeds to 7th Epsom (Methodist) Scout Group.

Charity Christmas Tree Sale
5/6 and 12/13 December; 9am-4pm - 4th Ewell Scout HQ, 1 Bluegates, London Road, Ewell, KT17 2SA and online
4th Ewell (Nonsuch) Scout Group hold their annual Christmas Tree sale to raise funds for the Group and participating local charities. full details on their website -

Christmas Gift Market
Tuesday 1 - Saturday 5 December; 10am-5pm (Tuesday 7pm) - Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell KT17 1UP
Free entry. Various stalls selling things Christmas, specially selected for originality, quality, usability and good value. A wide variety of gifts, collectables and lots more!

EwellYuleEwell Yule
Friday 4 December; 4pm onwards - Ewell
Shops in the village will be open late, with some offering mulled wine, mince pies and other Christmas goodies. Local children and adults will sing carols and there will be family attractions throughout the village. This year, the popular treasure hunt will be based on an advent calendar produced by St Mary’s Brownies.

Lights on Broadway LightsonBroadway
Friday 4 December; 4pm onwards - Stoneleigh
Lots of family entertainment including Santa's Grotto, carol singing, performances from local dance studios, hot food and festive drinks, Radio Jackie, late night shopping, clog dancing, stalls and more.

Christmas Craft Fair (Part of the 'Lights on Broadway' event)
Friday 4 December; 3pm-7pm - Stoneleigh Community Library
Organised by the Friends of Stoneleigh Library, the Fair includes gifts and hand crafted items by local sellers, cake sale & refreshments, children's decoration & card making and Christmas Hamper raffle (drawn at 6.30pm). StoneleighLibraryChristmasCraftFair


Christmas Workshop
Saturday 5 December; 10am-12.30pm - All Saints Church, Fulford Road, West Ewell
For children aged 4-11 years. £4 entry. Please bring a shoe box so that you can safely take your crafts home. For more info please phone the church office on 020 8393 7273.

Christmas Fair organised by The Friends of Ewell Grove
Saturday 5 December; 12.30pm-3.30pm - Ewell Grove
Tombolas, seasonal food, meet and greet Santa, games, grand draw raffle, Christmas crafts, refreshments, great gift ideas, prize and much more.

Christmas music, carols and humour organised by The Friends of Nonsuch
Saturday 5 December; 2.30pm - The Stable by the Mansion, Nonsuch Park (car entry via Cheam Gate, SM3 8AP)
Juliet Chaplin & Carshalton Glee, Kasumi Brooker (soloist) and some familiar faces! No charge but donations welcome. Mince pies, hot drinks and Carol sheets provided! Non-members welcome.

santaSanta Claus and the Night Before Christmas
4 - 24 December - Epsom Playhouse
The enchanting Christmas experience returns with a brand new adventure with songs and stories plus a meet and greet with Santa!

Epsom Symphony Orchestra Christmas Concert
Sunday 6 December - Epsom Playhouse
Top West End star, David Leonard (Miss Trunchbal in Matilda ) will narrate the musical story of Charles Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol' at the Epsom Symphony Orchestra Christmas Concert. The programme also features music from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, Lehar's Gold and Silver Waltzes and Leroy Andersen's Sleigh Rides, as well as carols for the audience to join in.

Christingle Service in aid The Children's Society
Sunday 6 December; 10am - All Saints Church, Fulford Road, West Ewell
For more info please phone the church office on 020 8393 7273.

A Christmas Star
Wednesday 9 December; 1.30pm for 2pm - Bourne Hall, Ewell
Epsom Mayday Flower Club presents a flowers arranging demonstration by Suzie Barwick. Visitors welcome £6.

Christmas Extravaganza - Craft Fair
Saturday 12 December; 11am-2pm - 1st Cuddington Sea Scout Group, Fancourt Hall, Cunliffe Road, Stoneleigh KT19 0RJ
Free admission - coin donations welcome. Real Christmas Trees on sale from 9am till 3pm.

Journey To The Centre Of The Christmas Pudding
Saturday 12 December; 9am - 12noon - West Ewell Evangelical Church, Lansdowne Road, KT19 9QJ
For school Years R to 6. £2 donation. For more information visit, email:, phone: 020 8394 0659.

Epsom Chamber Choir presents - Joyeux Noel! EpsomChamberChoir
Saturday 12 December - St Martin's Church, Church Street, Epsom KT17 4PX
Conductor Piers Maxim. 3pm: Carols for all the family; 7.30pm: Seasonal music from France, including Poulenc's beautiful Christmas motets. For tickets please visit

Stoneleigh Choral Sociey presents - Christmas Concert
Saturday 12 December; 7.30pm - St John's Church, Stoneleigh Park Road, Stoneleigh KT19 0QZ
Conductor Nigel Perona-Wright, Accompanist Kit Perona-Wright. Tickets: Adults £10, Under 18's £5. Available on the door on the night or in advance call 020 8393 4666. Carols for choir and audience with seasonal readings.

Beauty and the Beast
13 December - 3 January  - Epsom Playhouse
The Epsom Playhouse presents Pantomime 2015...Beauty and The Beast. This re-telling of the enchanting classic story is full of fun, music and panto magic!

Join in singing traditional Christmas songs
Thursday 17 December; 8.30pm - The Wheatsheaf, Ewell Village
Organised by Ewell St Mary's Morris Men. All proceeds to the Epsom & Ewell Mayor's Charity Fund.

ChristmasMemorialServiceChristmas Memorial Service
Thursday 17 December, 11.30am - Epsom Cemetery Chapel
A non-religious service for all those who would like to remember lost loved ones as Christmas approaches. The service will be led by Sarah Leon, a civil celebrant. It is not a traditional religious service, though there will be some familiar Christmas music. The chapel in Epsom Cemetery is a beautiful place to come and remember in the company of others. To find out more about the service go to or

Epsom Choral Society presents Carols for Choir & AudienceEpsomChoralCarolConcert
Saturday 19 December; 7.30pm - St Martin's Parish Church, Epsom KT17 4PX
Piano - Marion Lea, Organ - Edward Battings, Conductor - Julian Collings. Box Office: 01372 727078; Email:; Website: Tickets: £12 with concessions.

Christmas Carolling with the Mayor
Saturday 19 December; 10am-12noon - The Ashley Centre, Epsom
The Mayor will be joined by other civic dignitaries singing carols and Christmas songs in the Ashley Centre in aid of the Mayor’s charities - please come along and join in!

International Peace Light Celebration
Sunday 20 December, 2pm-2.30pm - The Ashley Centre, Epsom
Each year, a child fetches the Peace Light from the grotto in Bethlehem, the site of Christ’s birth, and it’s transported to Scouts and Guides who distribute the light across Europe. Celebrity Jimmy White MBE will be one of the local residents who will welcome the Peace Light to Epsom. A short multi-faith ceremony has been organised in the Ashley Centre in partnership with the Council, 7th Epsom Methodist Scout Group, Churches Together in Epsom, the Hindu Community and the Baha’I Community. There will be a chance for all ages to post a thumbs up for peace. The light will be taken on to various events in Epsom.

Carols by Candlelight
Sunday 20 December; 6.30pm - All Saints Church, Fulford Road, West Ewell
For more info please phone the church office on 020 8393 7273.

Thursday 24 December; 4pm - All Saints Church, Fulford Road, West Ewell
For more info please phone the church office on 020 8393 7273.

Together at Christmas
Christmas Day; 12.30pm-4pm - at a local church
Churches together in Ewell is pleased to offer a Christmas dinner plus festive activities to all who would otherwise be on their own. This offer is open to all Ewell residents. Transport can be arranged. No charge but donations can be made. If you'd like to join in or know someone who would, call 020 8397 7307 (daytime) or 020 8393 3011 (evenings) or email: Sponsored by Ewell Rotary Club.

Dancing in Ewell Village - Ewel St Mary's Morris Men
Boxing Day -  12noon - The Green Man, 12.30pm - opposite 'The Star', 1pm - The Watch House, Church Street, 1.30pm - The Spring Tavern, 2pm - The Wheatsheaf followed by the traditional Midwinter Mummer's Play at The Upper Mill.
Accompanied by Councillor Chris Frost, Mayor of Epsom & Ewell. All proceeds to the Mayor's Charity Fund.

Upcoming events

A selection from the wide range of community events happening over the next few weeks across the Borough:

Salsa - new beginners lessons
Wednesdays 8.30pm - 10pm
Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell KT17 1UF
No booking required/no partner required. For more information visit, telephone: 07584188481

Raveena by Richard Watson
Wednesday 6 January 2016; 8pm

Architecture of the Underground by Jon Glover
Wednesday 3 February 2016; 8pm
St Mary's Church Hall, London Road, Ewell
Organised by the Epsom & Ewell History & Archaeology Society. Admission to non-members: £4 includes tea/coffee. Visitors always welcome. For more information visit

Annual Travelogue and Holiday Film competitions
Friday 8 January 2016; 8pm

Show reel from another film-making club
Friday 22 January; 8pm
St Mary's Church Hall, London Road, Ewell
Organised by Epsom Movie Makers. For more information visit or contact the Secretary, Allen Dyke on 020 8642 8594.

Winter Opening
Nonsuch Mansion exhibits - Award-winning model of Henry's Palace in the Nonsuch Palace Gallery
Open every Sunday until end March 2016; 11am-3pm
Nonsuch Gallery, Nonsuch Mansion, cars via Cheam Gate, Ewell Road, Cheam SM3 8AP
Free Entry. For more information visit

Bourne Hall Museum Kids Club activities

Christmas in the trenchesBourneHallMuseumKidsClub
Saturday 19 December 2015; 1pm – 2.30pm
What was it like for the troops in the trenches at Christmas, did they have a Christmas in the cold and mud? What was the Christmas truce of 1914 like; did they really play football against the Germans? See the special Princess Mary gift tins sent to all the troops by the people of Britain. 

So you in the Roman Army Now!
Saturday 9 January 2016; 1pm – 2.30pm
Enter a time when Roman Legionaries marched across the British countryside. Hear from a Legionnaire himself why the Roman Army was such a triumphant force and what their influence was on this country. Learn what tactics the Romans used and how effective their weapons were.

Cost: £5 per child (includes one free accompanying adult).

To book spaces, for more information or to be added to our e-mailing list please contact David Brooks on email:  Tel: 020 8394 1734 or visit

Bourne Hall Museum Kids Club is for young people 8+ who love history and like to have fun while learning about it. We travel back through time to discover the past and its people encompassing all periods of history from the deepest Stone Age to the home front in Epsom during World War 2. The Club meets on the second or third Saturday of each month at Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell, Surrey, KT17 1UF between 1 and 2.30pm and costs £5 per child for each session. There is no joining fee and you are welcome to just come to the meetings that interest you.

This month at the Epsom Playhouse

It’s panto season at the Epsom Playhouse – oh yes it is! (sorry, couldn’t resist)!

But there’s lots more on at your local theatre for all the family and all tastes.

Festive entertainment!

Santa Claus and the Night Before Christmas
4 - 24 December 2015
With songs, stories, a meet and greet with Santa , the enchanting Christmas experience returns with a brand new adventure. panto

Epsom Symphony Orchestra Christmas Concert
6 December 2015
Top West End star, David Leonard (Miss Trunchbal in Matilda ) will narrate the musical story of Charles Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol'. The programme also features music from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, Lehar's Gold and Silver Waltzes and Leroy Andersen's Sleigh Rides, as well as carols for the audience to join in.

Beauty and the Beast
13 December 2015 - 3 January 2016
The Epsom Playhouse presents Pantomime...Beauty and The Beast. A re-telling of this enchanting classic story is full of fun, music and panto magic... Join us for an unforgettable adventure!


17 January 2016 -  Ed Byrne - Ed Byrne Outside Looking In That bloke. You know. The Irish guy. No, not the bald one. The other one. You know him, the one Carol from work really likes. Wait, that might be Jason Byrne. Anyway. Funny chap.

21 January 2016 - Katherine Ryan - We are excited to announce the return of Katherine Ryan after her last sell out performance at the Epsom Playhouse.  The product of a strict Irish father and a glitzy Canadian 'stage mom', Katherine Ryan might try to shed her questionable perspectives and super sparkly nature, she's not sure she can ever truly escape her childhood indoctrinations.

22 January 2016 - Roy Chubby Brown - Roy 'Chubby' Brown is a comic genius and one of the funniest comedians in the world. His outrageous performances are considered unsuitable for mainstream television but his video's and DVD's sell in their millions.


20 January 2016 - The Glenn Miller Orchestra - Get In The Mood as legendary bandleader, Ray McVay presents a new show for 2016, complete with Colin Anthony and Catherine Sykes on vocals and added harmonies from the Moonlight Serenaders and a swinging Jazz Band, the Uptown Hall Gang.

23 January 2016 - Vision of Elvis - Celebrating all the music of Elvis Presley from Sun Studio's through to the 68 Comeback with the finale being the Concert Years engaging audiences with an uplifting and authentic Elvis experience. A Vision Of Elvis is one the world's leading touring Elvis productions.

27 - 28 January 2016 - Oliver! the Musical - Dickens' characters are brought to life (perhaps larger than life)with all their facets glowing in this production. Engaging the audience with its pathos and drama, while delighting everyone with its outstanding musical numbers; Food, Glorious Food, I'd Do Anything, Where is Love?, Consider Yourself, As Long As He Needs Me, Who Will Buy and Reviewing the Situation are musical theatre classics.

For full information and to make a booking online visit or call (01372) 742555 / 742227

Countryside Guided Walks

Walking has many health benefits, why not join in the various guided walks with a member of the Council's Countryside team that take place throughout the year and find out more about the Borough's Local Nature Reserves (LNR) too.

Bluebells in Horton Country Park

Sunday 7 February 2016
Horton History Walk
Meet at the Information Centre. Look back over the years and discover the history of Horton Country Park LNR. Cost: £5 per person.

Please wear appropriate clothing, stout boots and a raincoat when it's wet. Dogs are welcome on a lead unless where stated to leave your dog at home for walks that involve looking for animals. Please note that walks may be subject to cancellation due to poor weather conditions.

The Council endeavours to ensure that the walks it organises are accessible to all. Due to the nature of the terrain, some Countryside walks are not suitable for wheelchair users.

For more information or to book a place contact the Council's Countryside Team on 01372 732000, email or visit the Events section at

Epsom Markets

Epsom Markets

Held in the Market Place by The Clock Tower in Epsom, there's something for everyone!

Traditional Epsom Market Takes place on Thursdays and Saturdays from 9am - 4pm and features around 20 stalls from fruit and vegetables, clothes, hardware, fabric, pet foods, flowers, seafood, shoes and other speciality goods, they all offer something special for free: a welcoming smile.

Epsom Farmer's Market: Next on Sunday 6 December. Takes place on the first Sunday of the month from 9am - 1.30pm, this market is a treasure trove of fresh, tasty and attractive local produce. To find out more, come to the market!

Local Enterprise Market Takes place on the last Sunday of the month and is a chance for local businesses and sole traders to show their wares - whether they make a product or offer a service.

Street Traders The Market Place also has a small number of regular Street Traders that trade across the week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays selling DIY products, fruit and vegetables and hot food.

On Track

Skateparks2Get in touch!
The Cox Lane (Epsom KT19 9PS) and Long Grove (Epsom KT19 8TE) BMX/Skate Skateparksparks have been put to good use following the launch opening last year.

The Council's Leisure Developments Team is keen to make sure the Parks continue to serve the needs of the Borough and are now looking at potential activities for 2016.

Some ideas for potential events and activities could include - BMX, Skate and Scooter workshops; competition 'jam' day and lots more.

The Team would love to hear from anyone with ideas or suggestions. Get in touch at

Pictures: Official Skate Parks' Launch Opening event 2014; Picture credit: Ben Wallace, @Benwallace87

Team Epsom & Ewell: Coach’s Corner
You may have heard about the success of Team Epsom & Ewell at this year’s Surrey Youth Games. Now you can find out more about the coaches that lead the teams! Check out our Coach’s Corner webpage. This month we are profiling the Epsom & Ewell Lacrosse Team Manager, Danny Buckland. Danny is on a mission to develop Lacrosse in Epsom!

Surrey Coaches Club
The Surrey Coaching Register has become the all new and exciting Surrey Coaches Club! Be part of the club where you can get the latest developments in coaching, information for upcoming jobs, top tips to enhance your coaching and the new annual coaches forum. For more info contact Lil Roe on 01483518962 or email; website

Workplace Health
Work It is Active Surrey’s brand new sport and exercise employee benefit scheme, designed specifically to help businesses support their employees to build exercise into their daily lives.

If your employees live or work in Surrey then they can sign up for free and access local sport and fitness sessions. Through the power of sport, the different activity sessions can create team cohesion.

Find out how your business can be a part of Work It by contacting Active Surrey; or 01483 518944; website

Sport, every day!

Every day there is the opportunity to engage in a different sport in the Borough, here's a selection:


Tennis: 1.45pm - 2.45pm; Epsom & Ewell Wellbeing Centre, Sefton Road, Epsom KT19 9HG. Try your hand at tennis with Jane at the Wellbeing Centre! To book your space call Usha or Suzanne on 01372 727583. Sessions are Free and take place weather permitting.

Junior Lacrosse Sessions:  3.30pm-5pm; Blenheim High School. Free sessions open to all 11-16 year olds. Lacrosse is an up and coming sport and Surrey play host to the Women's World Cup in 2017. Epsom Lacrosse Club are looking to develop their junior section and have been integral in Team Epsom & Ewell's recent P&G Surrey Youth Games with the team winning gold in 2014. For more information contact the Club's coach Danny Buckland at

Just Play Football sessions: 6pm-7pm; Court Recreation Ground 3G AstroTurf surface, Pound Lane, Epsom KT19 8SB. FA Mars Just Play centres allow anyone to get involved in playing football aged 16 or over. Cost £3 per session. For more information visit New! Saturday session from 5-6pm.

Popdance Sessions: Epsom & Ewell High School. Pop Dance is a dance class for 11-18 year olds. Sessions are FREE! Learn fun dance routines to the music you love listening to and tone up in the process! Sessions take place at 3.10pm-4pm every Monday. To book your place go to For more info please email Sue Wybrow:

Mary Frances Trust— Zumba Fitness Sessions: 9.30am-10.30am (during term time); The Edge Youth Centre (Limited spaces available). Cost: £2 per session. Mary Frances Trust is committed to improving emotional wellbeing in the community. Zumba is a great way to have fun, unwind and feel healthier. Sessions are aimed at people who wish to improve their mental health. For more info contact Christine Schauerman -


Tennis sessions: 1.30pm - 3.30pm at Court Recreation Ground - Epsom Community Tennis - The mini game with the big attitude. First hour is for 4-8 year olds and the second hour is for 8-16 year olds and adults. Go on give it a go, it's free! Find us at or email:

Just Play Football sessions: 5pm-6pm; Court Recreation Ground 3G AstroTurf surface, Pound Lane, Epsom KT19 8SB. FA Mars Just Play centres allow anyone to get involved in playing football aged 16 or over. Cost £3 per session. For more information visit

During the week

Fitsteps: Wednesdays 8pm - 9pm and/or Mondays 8pm - 9pm, The Harrier Centre, King George's Recreational Ground, Poole Road, West Ewell KT19 9RY. Brand new class starts Wednesday 21 October. £5 per class (pay as you go). All abilities very welcome. Come alone or bring a friend. The brand new Latin & Ballroom Inspired Fitness Class. For more information contact Lauren on 07736031154 or email

Epsom Cricket Club - Winter Training Sessions: Tuesdays 8pm-9.30pm, Glyn School; Sundays 8pm-9pm; Epsom College. First session is FREE then £5 per session. Epsom CC is looking for new players for the 2015 season. The club caters for juniors from 5 to 17 years and adults. Contact Phil Edwards on 07903 769 612 or email: for more info or visit:

Wheels for All: At The Harrier Centre, King George's Recreational Ground, Poole Road, West Ewell KT19 9RY. Wheels for All is a project run by the charity Cycling Projects that makes cycling accessible to all and provides a range of adapted cycles making cycling an option for people who may find other forms of physical activity difficult. Sessions take place every Thursday for: Adults 1pm - 3pm; Children and family sessions 3pm - 5.15pm & on Saturday's 1.30pm - 4pm. Cost £2 per person. For more information contact Matthew Wing on 07790757216, email or visit

Epsom Allsorts Running Club: Epsom Allsorts are a ladies running club. Members of all abilities meet at various venues around Epsom for runs of 3 miles or more. The club run a beginners group and are preparing for the club’s annual 5 mile race, the Hogsmill 5 which will take place at 10am on Sunday 3 May. Training sessions take place on Sundays at 8.15am. The group meets at Horton Country Park. For more info contact or check out the club website

Epsom Oddballs Running Club: Epsom Oddballs is a friendly running club catering for all running abilities. Our regular club meetings are on Tuesday evenings at or near to Horton Country Park for a training session, and on Thursday evenings and most Sunday evenings at various locations for a social run. We also enter teams in the Surrey cross-country league and other events, and a Surrey-based cross-country fun league meeting once a month. In addition, we do have a few internal events through the year. We welcome new members, who should join us for one or more of our regular weekly meetings beforehand. Further details can be found on our website,

Get into Golf: It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played golf or haven’t picked up a club since your school days or an almost-forgotten holiday. The Get into golf campaign, supported by Sport England and funded by the National Lottery, is now making the game more affordable and welcoming than ever before. A game of golf will see you walk around five miles and playing regularly will help you easily achieve the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. To get onto the next course running at Horton Park – visit

Epsom and Ewell Health Walks: Enjoy the outdoors, step into fitness and walk your way to health. Epsom and Ewell Health Walks is a voluntary group offering a full programme of healthy walks throughout Epsom and Ewell on three days of the week: Mondays (half hour), Wednesdays (one hour) and Sundays (one hour). All our walks are mapped out and led by trained walk leaders. Open to all ages and abilities. No booking required. Visit to view the latest Health Walk programme and location maps.

Ebbisham Sports Club

EzeeSport Classes: Children aged 3 - 5 years. Class times (term-time) for children aged - 3 - 4 years 10am - 10.45am; for children aged 3 - 5 years 4.30 - 5.15pm. Classes are held on the Tennish Court or Squash Court depending on the weather. For more inforamtion and to book a free trial call 07862 220 857 or email  or visit

Badminton Sessions: Due to the high demand in Badminton for this year’s Surrey Youth Games the club have opened up additional sessions for young people to play each sport. 9-14 year olds can play Badminton for FREE on Monday afternoons 4-5.30pm. For more information email the Council's Leisure Developments Team at

New! Racketball: A cross between Tennis and Squash, suitable for all ages. If you are retired or semi-retired why not go down to Ebbisham Sports Club? The club is hosting a 6 week course on Tuesdays from the 10 November to 15 December. The sessions take place from 2.30pm to 3.30pm. Cost £18 (£3 per session). For more info contact Jo Robinson on 02083935284 or

Touchtennis mix in/ taster sessions: 'Touchtennis’ is an attractive alternative to the mainstream game. Played on a reduced size court with foam balls and 21 inch kids racquets, its carefully calibrated regulations aim to level the playing field. Weekly mix in session every Tuesday from 6.30pm, racquets and equipment provided, £1.50. Please call 01372 720647 visit or email: for more information.

Epsom & Ewell Squash Development Training: 4.15pm-5.30pm. £3 per session for 7-13 year olds. Contact Peter Crossman for more info;

BISI Badminton: 9am-10am - a fun introduction to badminton for children aged 4 to 8. £15 for 5 sessions. All equipment provided. For more info contact Ebbisham Sports Club no 01372 720647.

Cardio Tennis: Mondays 8.15pm - 9pm; Wednesdays 9.30am - 10.30am; & Fridays 9.30am - 10am. All sessions are held at the Ebbisham Sports Club, for more information email or visit

Rainbow Leisure Centre

Basketball Taster Session: On Monday 26 October 2015 there is a FREE taster session for 5 to 10 year olds from 5.30pm to 6.30pm at the Rainbow Leisure Centre, Epsom. The course will also run during term time. To book a space for the taster session call the Rainbow Leisure Centre on 01372 727277 or

Back to Netball sessions: 6.30pm—8pm, £15 for 6 weeks or £3 a session (open to women). Call Rainbow Leisure Centre to register your place 01372 727277.

Epsom Sharks Basketball Club: 5pm - 6.30pm at Rainbow Leisure Centre. Cost £5 a session. Open to girls in school years 7-10 & boys in 6-9. For more info contact

Smash Up Badminton: After a successful launch over the summer Smash Up Badminton is back! Sessions take place on Wednesday’s at 3.45pm to 4.45pm for 7-10 year olds and 4.45pm to 5.45pm for 11-15 year olds. There is no need to book, just drop in! The cost is £2.85 per session.

Athletics Course: 4pm-5pm. Open to 5-10 year olds. Call Rainbow Leisure Centre on 01372 727277 to book.

Pre-School Gymnastics: 3.45pm-4.30pm & 4.30pm-5.15pm. Open to 3-4 year olds. Call Rainbow Leisure Centre on 01372 727277 to book.

Walking Football: 10.30-11.30am. Cost: £2.70 per session. Aimed at the over 55s, it is a slow-paced version of the beautiful game designed to help people keep an active lifestyle despite their age. Endorsed by Surrey FA, it is an excellent sport for those that want to try something new, as well as getting those back playing football who had to stop due to injuries. For more information contact Rainbow Leisure Centre on 01372 727277.

New! Beginner Korfball sessions: Interested in becoming more active and learning a new sport? Korfball shares skills with Basketball, Handball and Netball, but allows both males and females to play on the same team. Rainbow Leisure Centre are holding sessions for children aged 8 to 12 every Monday, 5pm-5.45pm. On Thursdays sessions will take place for 13 to 17 year olds from 6.30pm to 7.15pm. Additionally there are adult sessions from 7.15pm to 8pm. Register now at or visit

Junior Judo sessions: The sessions will cater for young players between 7-12 years of age. Sessions are led by a qualified Judo coach. To book please visit or call Rainbow Leisure Centre 01372 727277. For more info contact Community Sports Manager Laura Mangan; Laura.Mangan@GLL.ORG

For more information on Leisure activties in the Borough visit

Key Facts

Stay well this winter

Stay well this winterWinter can bring cold and damp weather which can be bad for our health, especially for people aged 65 or older, and people with long-term conditions. The chilly days can aggravate any existing health problems and make us more vulnerable to the illnesses that are more common in winter, such as colds and flu.

By being cold you can raise the risk of increased blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. But there are lots of things you can do to stay well this winter.

  • Make sure you have your flu jab. The flu jab is free if you’re aged 65 or over, or if you have a long-term health condition. If you have children or grandchildren aged two, three or four, or in school years one or two, they are eligible for a free flu vaccination.  Don’t forget that if you’re aged 65 or over, you are eligible for the pneumococcal vaccine, which will help protect you from pneumococcal diseases such as pneumonia.
  • Keep active when you are indoors.  Tempting though it is to curl up and not do much, try not to sit still for more than an hour or so.  Find out ways to get active. 
  • Keep warm. One of the best ways to keep healthy during winter is to stay warm.  This means keeping your home warm, at a minimum of 18°C (65°F).  Breathing in cold air can increase the risk of chest infections, so don't keep windows open or the central heating off.  Respiratory diseases, such as asthma, are made much worse living in a cold home, and people are more likely to have strokes and heart attacks. 

    In cold weather, remember to wrap up by wearing several thin layers of clothes, which is more effective at keeping you warm.  Wear shoes with a good grip, to prevent falls and trips and an unnecessary hospital admission.

  • Look after yourself.  Eating well can help improve wellbeing, manage weight and reduce the risk of developing illnesses and diseases. Food is also a vital source of energy, which helps keep the body warm.  If you are feeling a little low and blue, seek some help 
  • Get help early. If you are feeling unwell, don't wait, go and see your nearest pharmacist.  So if you feel like you’re coming down with something, even if it’s just a cough or a cold, don’t wait until it gets worse.  Act quickly. The sooner you get advice from a pharmacist the better. 
  • Look out for others.  Remember that other people, like older neighbours, friends and family members, may need a bit of extra help over the winter. There’s a lot you can do to help people who are more frail than you.  Make sure they’re stocked up with enough food supplies for a few days, in case they can’t go out. If they do need to go out in the cold, encourage them to wear shoes with a good grip and a scarf around the mouth to protect them from the cold air, and to reduce their risk of chest infections.
  • Is your medicine cabinet ready for winter? Your pharmacist can advise you on which medicines you should have in your cabinet, to help get you and your family through the winter season.  Most winter illnesses can't be treated by antibiotics. The best thing to do is:
    • Rest
    • Drink plenty of fluids
    • Have at least one hot meal a day to keep your energy levels up
    • Talk to your pharmacist for advice on getting any pain relief you need such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. 

Your Community

Find out about the Council's Home Improvement Agency

Meet Officers from the Council's Home Improvement Agency along with Surrey Police on:

Thursday 10 December, 10am - 2.30pm at The Ashley Centre Mall, Epsom

Visit the stand for information on energy efficiency, repairs, adaptations, grants including the Council's Handyman Service and personal safety.

For more information on the Home Improvement Agency visit the Council's website


Save a life - give blood

Blood Donor session

Stoneleigh Job Club - open every Tuesday

StoneleighJobClubposterStoneleigh Job Club is here to help you every week! If you are passing you are more than welcome to drop in, have a coffee and find out how the Job Club can help you. 

If you are looking for your first job, returning to work, thinking of changing your job or unemployed, you will find a caring supportive coach able to listen and provide positive advice and help into work.

Launched in October, the Job Club is located in the Stoneleigh Library Community Room, 1 The Broadway, Stoneleigh, KT17 2JA every Tuesday from 10am-12 noon. It’s right next to Stoneleigh railway station and within a short walk of bus stops. Car parking opposite.

You are very welcome to drop in for coaching  and support, you don’t need an appointment just call in. If you’re in the library on another day, leave your name and contact details and someone from the Job Club will get in touch.

Stoneleigh Job Club can offer you 1:1 coaching, help and support with job searching, CV drafting, interview preparation and basic IT skills to support your job search. Laptops with printing facilities are available for you to use. All provided free by the Job Club's team of trained dedicated volunteer coaches whose aim is to help you, using tried and tested coaching materials and techniques.

The Job Club will be offering group sessions in interview skills and preparation, confidence building, as well as a variety of other topics on demand.

For more information email:



FEET - Free Early Education for Two year olds

FEET_posterWhy choose childcare for a 2 year old? Because by learning through play they can grow in confidence and improve their social, communication and language skills as well as their physical development.

 “He’s developed a lot more words”. “Her speech has improved vastly”. “She’s become more confident and happy”. “It’s improved her sharing”. These are a few comments from parents whose 2 year olds have just started nursery.

Watch this short film to hear how delighted they are that their children are getting this opportunity - Why parents love childcare for their 2 year oldsFEET_thumbnail

Some parents are eligible for free childcare for their two year olds. They can find out if they meet the criteria for Free Early Education for Two year olds (FEET) at

Protecting adults from harm

Physical, emotional and financial abuse of older and vulnerable people in Surrey is on the rise.

In 2014/15 there were 6,404 alerts (this is when someone has raised a concern about an incident of abuse) in the county. Protect your loved ones; learn to spot any signs of abuse in older or vulnerable friends, relatives or people you care for.

Visit for more information.

Remember, if you believe it is an emergency always call 999.

Weekly activities at The Wellbeing Centre

Wellbeing Centre logo

Free activities and classes throughout the week: 

Smartcare Clinic, 9am - 5pm
Adult Social Care, Surrey County Council (by appointment only)

Welfare & Benefits Advice Drop In, 10am - 12noon
Age UK/Age Concern - Last Monday of every month

Information and Advice Drop In, 10 - 11am
Alzheimer's Society

Japanese Memory Group, 10 - 11am
Enhancing cognitive functions

Craft Class, 1 - 3pm
From Tuesday 10 June for 4 weeks

Advice Drop In, 9am - 12noon
Adult Social Care, Surrey County Council

Advice Drop In, 9.30 - 11am
Surrey Association for Visual Impairment - Last Wednesday of every month

Games Session, 11am - 12noon
Fun, active session

Hand Massage, 1 - 2.30pm
For people diagnosed with dementia and their family or carer. Gentle and relaxing session

Carers Support Group, 10.30am - 12noon
Alzheimer's Society - Fourth Thursday of every month, by invite only

Japanese Memory Group, 10 - 11am
Enhancing cognitive functions

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council Home Improvement Agency, 10am - 12noon
First Friday of every month

Stimulating Visual Arts Group, 1-3pm
Inspiring and creative session.

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm - Community Alarm and Telecare demonstration suite open. Drop in anytime to view the equipment

The above sessions are free and subject to short notice amendments or cancellation, booking advisable. To book and/or for more information on the range of activities and sessions organised by the Wellbeing Centre visit or call 01372 727583.

Weekly activities at The Wells Centre

The Wells Centre logo

Weekly activities for groups and individuals at The Wells Centre, Spa Drive, Epsom KT18 7LR

To stay updated with the range of activities and events at The Wells 'Like' our Facebook page

Tai Chi; 9.30-10.45am (advanced), 11am-12.15pm (beginners)
With a professional tutor.

Craft/Card Making; 10.30am-12noon
With tutor.

Short Mat Bowls; 1.45-3.45pm

Yoga; 1.45-3pm
With professional tutor.

Keep fit to music; 10.30-11.30am

Bridge; 1.45-3.45pm

Social Art; 10.30am-12noon

Line Dancing; 2.30-3.30pm
With a professional tutor.

Tai Chi; 10-11am
With a professional tutor.

Card/Card Making (every alternate Thursday); 10.30am-12noon
With tutor.

Yoga; 9.45-11am
With professional tutor.

Computing for all people of all abilities; 10.15am-12.15pm or 1.30-3.30pm
Once a week for a five week duration. Basic, Intermediate or Digital photography. For details and availability contact the Centre for details.

Live music every other Friday; 1.30-3pm

Bingo every alternate Friday; 1.30-3pm

Big Screen Film Club, Friday occassionally; Part 1: 11.30am, Part 2: 1.30pm

The Association of Surrey Bookbinders; every Friday from 10am-1pm. An ethusiastic mixed-sex group of amateurs who have been working together, some for over ten years. The group's members have high levels of skill in many areas of book craft, conservation and restoration. To find out more email: or leave a message at the Wells Centre on 01372 724614 or email:

For more information and details contact the Centre on 01372 724614, email: or visit

Mary Frances Trust

Mary Frances Trust logoMary Frances Trust - supporting your emotional well being and mental health.

The charity offers a range of services and activities to give you the support you need in achieving your goals.

Regular activities are held at The Brickfield Centre, Portland Place, Epsom:

Pilates with Mindfulness; 10-11am

Learning and skills appointments; 9am-12pm

Drop-in session; 10am-3pm
Complementary Therapies; 10am-3pm
Play Reading Group; 11.30am- 12.30pm
Craft/Gardening Group; 10.30am-1pm

Computer sessions; 1-3pm

Drop-in session; 10am-3pm
Reflexology session; 9.45am-12pm
Art Group; 10.30am-12.30pm

Other activities include Zumba at The Edge Community Centre and groups at St Barnabus Church on Mondays and Thursdays as well as advice sessions at Epsom Hub.

The charity also has a full programme of activities in Leatherhead and some advice sessions in Dorking.

For more information contact 01372 375400 email: website: or text 07929 024722.

Your Council

Council Meetings: December 2015 - January 2016


03       Planning Committee

08       Council

10       Licensing and Planning Policy Committee


14       Planning Committee

20       Epsom and Walton Downs Conservators (6pm)

21       Environment Committee

25       Nonsuch Park Joint Management Committee (10am at Nonsuch Mansion House)

26       Leisure Committee

27       Strategy & Resources Committee

28       Social Committee

All meetings are held at the Town Hall, Epsom and start at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated.  Meetings may be cancelled or additional meetings arranged as necessary. To view the full year’s calendar of meetings, download Agendas or review Minutes of previous meetings visit

Agenda papers are available five clear working days before a meeting.  A very limited number of hard copies will be available at the meetings.

For further information please contact Democratic Services on 01372 732000 or email, quoting the Committee or subject area or interest.

Epsom & Ewell Local Committee (Surrey County Council) meeting

SCCLocalCommitteeDate: Monday 07 December 2015

Time: 2pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Epsom Town Hall, The Parade, Epsom KT18 5BY

Please note the date and venue could be subject to change.

For more details and confirmation of the venue, please contact Nicola Morris on 0345 009 009, email or visit follow on twitter @EpsomLC

Planning applications

Planning applications are available to view online via our interactive online planning system. There are no longer paper copies available to view at the Town Hall. If you wish to view an application, there are computer kiosks in the Town Hall reception area for residents to use.

Each week Epsom & Ewell Borough Council publish received planning applications on our online planning system . For information on the most recent weekly list and the archive of previous editions see - Weekly Planning applications received

We're improving our service!

We're increasing our availability to offer advice about Planning Applications. This free service can be to discuss whether planning permission for a project is required, submitting applications or about other planning development management issues.

Appointments, for 20 minute sessions, must be booked in advance for:
Monday: 1pm - 4pm
Tuesday: 10am - 1pm
Wednesday: 1pm - 4pm
Thursday: 10am - 1pm

Please call the Town Hall Contact Centre on 01372 732000 to book your appointment or for more information on this service.

Jobs at the Council

EEBC logoFor information on latest jobs and vacancies visit the Jobs page on the Council's website:

You can also visit the Epsom & Ewell pages at

Contact Epsom & Ewell Borough Council

Tel: 01372 732000
Text: 07950 080202
Out of hours emergency number: 01372 732555

Borough Insight is published by Epsom & Ewell Borough Council for residents in the Borough. For more information and to view the current and archive issues of the magazine visit:

If you have any queries on its contents please contact The Editor, Borough Insight, Epsom & Ewell Borough Council, Town Hall, The Parade, Epsom, Surrey KT18 5BY.

Tel: 01372 732000.

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