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The Epsom & Ewell Local Plan: what you need to know

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We have created a new FAQ area of our website to give the public as much information as possible about the development of the borough’s Local Plan.

The Local Plan is a critical document in shaping the future of the borough. It covers a wide range of issues from creating jobs, environmental protection and leisure development, to sites for new homes and much-needed infrastructure improvements.

We are following the government’s framework for developing a Local Plan, and no decisions have been made on policy wording or site selection for the Local Plan at this stage. We are currently reviewing feedback received during the public consultation on the first draft of the Plan, and gathering further detailed evidence to help develop the Plan.

Once the evidence base is developed and complete, a recommendation will come to the Licensing and Planning Policy Committee (LPPC) on a proposed Plan that will include site allocations. LPPC will then make a recommendation to Full Council, and it is only at this stage that a council decision on the Local Plan will be made, which will then go forward to another six-week public consultation. This is expected to be in early 2025. The next version of the Local Plan will include a consultation statement which provides a summary of the main issues raised during the Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) consultation, and how they have been taken into account.

Councillor Steven McCormick, Chair of the Licensing & Planning Policy Committee, said:

“The development of our Local Plan is as complex as it is vital. We want to make sure that all those who live in, work in and visit the borough have access to the latest information about the Local Plan, to ensure that they are informed and to dispel rumours and myths about the Plan. We encourage everyone to take a look at the FAQs, either on our website or by coming in to the Town Hall and asking for a copy at reception.”

The Local Plan FAQs can be found on our website at:

Members of the public can sign up to receive an alert for future consultations by completing the form at is external).

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