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Tips for preventing water loss and water bill support

Around 1 in 14 homes suffer from water losses, like dripping taps, leaky loos and even outdoor taps and hoses. 

Colder temperatures and changeable weather can cause a leaky pipe to freeze, and sometimes burst, which could mean a hefty repair bill and an impact to your water supply.

Prepare your home now through checking for leaks and insulating pipes throughout your household. Reducing leaks could even save you money on your bill.

Visit SES Water’s website at  for more tips and information.

If you need extra support, SES Water is there to help. You may be eligible for one of its water support schemes if you’re having trouble paying your bill, or if you are just in need of some extra assistance.

  • Water Support Scheme – 50% bill reduction for qualifying low income households
  • WaterDirect – if you’re on benefits, payment can be deducted directly, meaning never worrying about a bill
  • Breathing Space – pause your payments if you need some time to get back on your feet
  • Priority Services – become a priority customer if you need extra help due to long or short-term health, access or communication needs.
  • WaterSure – a capped tariff for metered customers who use extra water due to family or health reasons

Please see their website for full details of how to qualify for one of their schemes and how to make an application –


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