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Welcome to the latest issue of e-Borough Insight.

Here at the Council, we’re gearing up for the Police & Crime Commissioner elections on 5 May, however most people seem to be more focused on the EU Referendum, so we have a quick look at that in the Key Facts section.

We’re also heading for the busy period for sporting activity. Registration is now open for the really popular Round the Borough Bike. As this is being written registrations for the P&G Surrey Youth Games are coming to an end, and we have more young people registered than ever before! Registration is also now open for the Cancer Research, Race for Life on Epsom Downs next month.

If that all sounds a bit too sporty, remember that a good dose of gardening is excellent for the body and soul and, with news of a special offer on compost containers in this issue, kind to the wallet!

Enjoy the Spring!

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